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Sajid Hussain M A M phill -- Journalist4


Home page: http://sajidhussain.start4all.com

Yahoo: sjournalist

Founded: 1998

Website: http://sajidhussain.start4all.com

( COMPLETE PROFILE) Working to build a just society where human rights are respected, human dignity is protected, human development is facilitated and the environment is respected and protected. Enthusiastic, Experienced and Hardworking Young Investigative Journalist Names: Mr. Sajid Hussain Date of Birth: Jun/30/1976. Country: Pakistan. Region: Asia Language: English / Other. \"Qualification, Education\" M phill in International Journalism and Media Studies. (In Three Areas of Study) Journalism And Public Life Social Impact of Mass Media Journalism Economic, Legal, And Policy Aspects Of Communication, Investigative Journalism and Mass Communication with in media globalization. M A in Abnormal Psychology. Technical Education: Diploma Of Associate Engineer in Electrical `Three Years. Profession/Occupation: Freelance investigative journalist. Focus Location Market: Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Internationally \"Professional Background / Journalistic Contribution\" 1- Organization: International News Services of Pakistan. Job Title: Investigative Reporter/Crime Reporter. Duration: From March 1998 to May 2001. 2- Organization: With an Esteemed Urdu News Paper. Job Title: Chief Crime Reporter. Duration: From March 2001 to August 2003. 3- Organization: Private News TV Channel. Job Title: Special Assignment Reporter. Duration: January 2003 to January 2004. 4- Organization: With An Esteemed News Paper Daily. Job Title: Chief Reporter & Acting Editor. Duration: From February 2004 to December 2007. 5- Organization: GNN Wire News Service (News Agency) Job Title: Investigative Reporter + News Editor + (In charge Reporting Desk) Duration: From December 2007 To June 2008. 6- Organization: PF weekly Urdu News. Job Title: Research, Analysis, Columns, Articles. Duration: From July 2008 Present. \" Other Services Background\" Founder: PSB \"Public Services Bureau\" Social Organization Since June 1996, Working in The Field Of Human Rights & Social Community Services. Served As Teacher: With BGBHS (Bright Grammar Boys High School) As English language Teacher and Sports Coach, From June 1994 To August 2000. Other Eligibility: An Experienced Driver With HTV Driving License, Faithfully Driving Since September 1989. \"Journalistic Professional Experience\" Journalistic Services Since March 1998, an experience professional \'\'Investigative Journalist\'\' have extensive experience of working with Urdu--English Publications, TV, Radio Broadcast, Wire News Services Online , Research , Magazine , Fiction and Non Fiction Writer, other. Focus Location Market: Pakistan + South Asia. International Skills: Editor, Reporter, Interviewer, Translator, Sub Editor. Writer, Columnist, Analyst. Extra Skills: Articles, Columns, Survey, Documentaries. Fiction and Non Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Horror and Research. I AM DOING MY BEST IN THE FIELD OF JOURNALISM FOR ENTIRE HUMANITY, AND WISH TO SUCCEED MY ABILITIES IN ANY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ORGANIZATION. I LOVE TO SERVE IN CHALLENGING ENVIROMENT ANYWHERE ROUND THE GLOBE. MY AMBITIONS TO CREATE PEACEFUL AND AN INDEPENDENT PLACE,SUCH AS AN ORCHARD \'\' PEACEHOUSE \'\' FOR DESERVING AND NEGLECTED PEOPLES BY THIS WORLD, REGARDLES OF RELIGION, RACE ETHNICITY.ETC,THATS ALL.!!! I have never been afraid to try anything and have worked in all sorts of conditions and doing all sorts of things. I always jump in where others say, \"This cannot be done. I always tell young people setting out to build careers, \"Dirty your hands and work yourself up the ladder the hard way. Your formative years will chart your future. Never depart from the path of integrity and honesty, even when faced with the harshest misfortune. Truth always wins out.\" \"WHEN THE EAGLE SPIRIT AWAKES UP IN THE YOUNG MEN THEY SEE THEIR GOAL IN THE HEAVEN\" I am Simple human being, multidimensional personality, various interests, different skills and work experiences, complex at a time, funny most of the times, love natural things, appreciate beauty and simplicity,,,, my policy in life just look forward to move on, I never looked back and never lived in the past,,, if some one hurts me my best revenge to forgive and achieve another success,,,, I see myself as a bridge builder between cultures and people,,, people are my greatest passion, I cherish cultures and believe it is crucial to do every possible thing to preserve these cultures while becoming globalised,, ,,,,,,,,,,,learn and teach,,,,,, mixing and not melting •A professional with excellent communication, organizational, and administrative skills. •Highly effective communications professional with exceptional writing, editing, speaking, and promotional skills. •Creative, innovative presenter, teacher, instructor, trainer, and coach. Summary of Qualifications •Computer literate: Microsoft Word, MS Excel, Power Point, Front page, Photo shop, Paint shop pro. Internet Savvy •Developed interpersonal skills, having dealt with a diversity of professionals, clients, and staff members. •Recognized for ability to plan, organize, coordinate and direct successful fund raising programs, volunteer committees, public relations programs %26 educational programs •Extensive volunteer recruitment experience •Supervisory experience with both professional and non-professional staffs •Active in community affairs •Adept to work with agencies and institutions as well as civic and industrial leaders in the best interest of the organization. •A team player capable of motivating others offering more than 10 years of progressive experience with reputation for: 1. Project Management with Leadership Skills 2. Strong Interpersonal Rapport 3. Coordinating/Planning/Implementing/Tracking 4. Meeting Organization Objectives/Deadlines 5. Communications/Liaison/Negotiation 6. Problem Solving. Achievements •Managed issues, media relations, briefings, major events and exhibits •Ensured \'best practice\' in communication endeavors, through the oversight of writing, design and production processes •Successful administrative experience with multi nationals •Developed effective communication strategies, policies and products •provided leadership to the Communication Group. •Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks Additional Interests: Writing, Reading fiction non-fiction books, Water painting, Oil Painting and Murals. Have toured across Pakistan extensively and have visited some countries. Actively involved, take part with journalistic, media studies, communication, Hospitality, Social services, Community networking, Peace promotion, Peace building services and also organizing many events as well as participating in various cultural activities like Dramatics, Elocutions etc. at the school and college university level . Looking for a challenging and responsible position working with people where my experience can be utilized in support of company goals. Interested in a job as a mid-level/ Sr. executive in Business Development, Public relations %26 Communications, Administration, Merchandiser at Export Houses, Multi National Companies, Event Management companies and Healthcare Industry. I am arranged to deliver my Professional Services in any Organization and in any of the areas that any Company needs. For which, the experience that needs his Company, I can reach her by means of the constant and continuous learning to which I am going to be submitted in it. I possess a great capacity of teamwork, aptitude of response, and of decision, in which, so much the capacity and skill to be able to work under pressure, which stimulates me to be able to manage to realize big tasks, challenges and projects. It is for this, that I can contribute all the necessary Knowledge\'s with the purpose of being able to project myself close to or to the future teams works with which I am going to have the real possibility of being able to offer and to put to your complete disposition my Knowledge\'s, predisposition, availability, enthusiasm, motivation and the whole possible will.!!!

Member Of More Than 15009 Organizations, Associations, Unions, Clubs with more than 98990 Fellows, Friends and Colleagues round the Globe, and i am still hungry to grab membership of more and more associations, organizations. Why because i love to

RESEARCH INTERESTS: - Journalism in a global context - Journalism education in a global context - Literary journalism - Media law ethics - Sports journalism \"Professional Interests Specialties\" Crime, money laundering, mone