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Jessica Walters

P.O. Box 211154
Columbia, 41, United States  

Home page: www.AletaToki.com

Founded: 2008

Website: http://www.AletaToki.com

AletaToki is designed to introduce a national audience to the passions and concerns of our countryís most intelligent youth. Its 2009 edition of collected essays will integrate gifted talent with mainstream issues and current events, providing a public forum for profoundly intelligent students to voice their opinions on any topic of personal interest. Considered participants typically score in the 99th percentile on IQ and achievement tests, have been state-identified as gifted students and/or have been recognized for remarkable contributions in their social/academic communities. This year, only fifty students from each state will be selected to apply for publication. Application is by invitation only. To allow for deserving talent that may be overlooked, AletaToki is also sponsoring a public writing contest. This contest is open to all students, ages 8-19. There is no entry fee and the deadline is September 1, 2008. Winners will be published in AletaTokiís 2009 Edition of Collected Essays along-side invited applicants. Interested students are to write an 800-1600 word persuasive essay on any topic of passionate interest. An additional prompt, nominations form and more details can be found at our website: www.AletaToki.com.

Gifted/profoundly intelligent students, age 8-19