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Tracey Vandeveer

Green Bay, 50, United States  

Home page: www.alphaworldpress.com

Founded: 2007

Website: http://www.alphaworldpress.com

Alpha World Press is a very small (but steadily growing) publishing house dedicated to publishing high-quality work by, for and about lesbians from all walks of life. We publish fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. We welcome all manuscripts from lesbians. If we think the story is one worth telling, we'll work with you, the author, to edit it to make sure it is "Alpha Ready". We work very closely with our authors in all aspects of publishing - from editing, graphic design, to actual production, promotion & marketing. Selective acceptance of new authors. Alpha World Press is known for publishing the best in Lesbian literature. To offer credibility and clout to our authors and readers, we only work with top-quality books. Responsive interaction with our authors/readers. Like all partnerships, the success of publisher-author and publisher-reader relationships depends on a clear, free- flowing communication model. At Alpha, we work closely with our authors, setting up open, positive, interactive relationships from the beginning, and then following through with regular correspondence. A sales-focused marketing system that works directly with the distribution team. Alpha’s marketing programs are the first of their kind in the book industry. We concentrate on sales and link distribution with consumer marketing efforts, such as publicity, to place books on bookstore shelves in the geographic markets where demand exists. Progressive agreements and terms. We believe authors need partnerships that support their growth, rather than ones that strip them of all power. The standard model allows for little movement within the system, but at Alpha, we give the power back to our authors and foster partnerships based on expansion and freedom. We offer partnerships that are founded on-and sustained by-mutual benefit rather than restrictive legal agreements.

Member Golden Crown Literary Society