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Margaret Emerson

Broomfield, 6, United States  

Home page: www.imagesandadjectives.com

Founded: 2008

Website: http://www.imagesandadjectives.com

Images & Adjectives is NOT a vanity publisher. We select excellent manuscripts that we feel are marketable and will be a good investment for our company. We do not ask authors to pay for the editing, design or print production of their book. We will edit, design, print, and distribute your book, and will work with you on marketing your book. We offer an industry-standard contract with royalties. We publish adult and juvenile fiction novels, autobiographies, general nonfiction, journal-style nonfiction, adventure nonfiction, self-help, non-fiction essay collections with the following themes: * sustainability * ecology * deep ecology * ecopsychology * nature * the environment * alternative energy * progressive social or political movements We Are Particularly Interested In The Following Themes: * Living or working more eco-friendly * Changing the corporate paradigm to be truly “green” and sustainable * Living with less; voluntary simplicity; freeganism * Anti-consumer, anti-materialistic living * Self-realization or transformation through a connection to a special place in nature * Wilderness therapy * Essays on wilderness solos or vision quests * Ecopsychology and how the health of the environment affects human mental and physical health * What is the human’s role on Earth as it relates to a balanced ecosystem * Growing, eating, shopping for organic and local produce * How to raise children to enable them to be more aware of their role as environmental stewards * Autobiographies telling the story of going from a corporate, consumer paradigm to a more wholistic and sustainable life after an epiphany through time spent in nature, wilderness solo, vision quest, etc. * Journal-style nonfiction tracking a personal challenge of some sort, i.e. bicycling versus driving, eating only local food, etc. * Investigations on political, social or corporate attempts to subvert the movement toward sustainability FOR DETAILS ON SUBMISSION GUIDELINES, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT www.imagesandadjectives.com