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Tom Gregory

1094 New Dehaven St., Suite 100
West Conshohocken, 39, United States  

Home page: http://www.infinitypublishing.com

Founded: 1997

Website: http://www.infinitypublishing.com

From its visionary beginning in 1997, Infinity Publishing came out of the gate as the leading innovative book publisher utilizing in-house high-speed digital printers to produce books on demand. Established as a First Amendment press, all authors are welcome to originate a non-exclusive publishing agreement authorizing their books to be produced with the Infinity imprint, distribute the authors' books as ordered, and pay monthly royalties on every book sold. Authors pay a one-time setup fee of $499 to have their book file added into Infinity's unique just-in-time book publishing system. Authors retain all rights to their book, they own the copyright, and they may remove their book from the system at any time. Authors have total creative control over the content and all aspects of their book during publishing within production limitations. Suggested retail prices are based on page count, however, with Infinity's value-added feature, authors may increase the price of their non-fiction book. Publishing success is a two-fold process where quality writing and effective marketing equal sales. We offer professionally designed and quality printed promotional materials for our authors as well as highly respected marketing books that will help you find your audiences. Our newsletters, author advocates, conferences and wealth of online articles featuring expert advice and successful campaign strategies focus on teaching authors how to be effective in their efforts to promote and market their published books. Infinity is responsible for producing and distributing books to fill orders generated by the authors' efforts. Most orders are shipped in 24 to 48 hours from Infinity's on-shelf micro-inventory that is replenished as needed. Infinity books are guaranteed returnable from bookstores. Complimentary copies are sent to reviewers upon request. With over 4,500 titles by approximately 3,500 authors authorizing publication of their books, Infinity is constantly extending distribution channels beyond traditional avenues. Monthly royalties are paid on the selling price, 30% of retail, 15% of wholesale, and 10% on purchases by the author at 40% - with value-added pricing the difference is a 25% /75% split in favor of the author. Infinity's unique book publishing model provides an open press for authors to originate and self-publish their books as well as a one-stop solution for proactive authors looking to get their work into the marketplace. Author-originated self-publishing is an evolving branch in the book industry rooted in co-operative efforts mutually benefiting authors and the book publisher. The dynamics of Infinity Publishing is simple: authors write, authors authorize publication, Infinity publishes and distributes, and both profit selling books. Infinity Publishing opens a world of possibilities to any author. Our flexible and inexpensive book publishing method is the perfect vehicle to successfully take you from unpublished writer to published author.