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Dr. Harmander Singh


: childfriend@gmail.com

Founded: 2003

Website: http://childfriend@gmail.com

The Publishing house helps the writers for publishing both the traditional and pod (print on demand) publishing. It helps for getting free ISBN and copyright for books published in India and many other countries for global distribution. The pod is a emerging in India as a new trends in the field and at very low cost services . The following is offered as well as the inquiries are invited for works/services in association by the publication house: 1. Associated Publishers (Any publisher can associate for joint publication and marketing works and services) 2. Printing Services at low cost for and from various countries for the benefit of the readers, the buyer (Quotations are also welcome) 3. Literary Agents and salespersons 4. Critics, Proof Readers, Editors, Translators and others related with publishing/printing and pre and post publication works and services as well 5. Wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, booksellers, stockiest and the other marketing service providers Along with the traditional publishing, the pod books may go online without writer or author�s investment. For having experience in the pod, the company has published the first book with lulu.com as myself, the M/s Bhagouauty Prime Waves, Dr. H. Singh goes for it with success at the publishing (http://www.lulu.com/content/1732115). It offers the translation services for English and in some cases other languages to almost all Indian and foreign languages, and arranges other services related and said in the above points 1-5 . Thanks!

BDS Charitable Trust, Punjab Life Glowing Path Inc. USA CAPS Charitable Trust, Mumbai

Promoting self-felt creative and literary works! Thanks!