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elizaBeth Benson-Udom

505 bourne lane
danville, 5, United States  

Home page: www.writressworder.com

Founded: 2007

Website: http://writressworder.com

So, with this volume, we launch a press. It is born from a burning desire to inspire a collaborative creative community that works for individual contributors, wherever they are, to find their individual selves as part of a more visible and expressed whole. And, as true creative collaborators always do, to make up the world as we go merrily along. elizaPress is born from my own desire to find my people—my tribe of writers, artists and other groovy people who like to express and create, share and assemble…and see what we might make of our assembly…how we might open up and rub off and spill over and break out and do something bigger and more inclusive and more spectacular than any one of us could have conceived of in our isolated studios or writing spaces. It’s born from my big dream to create economy and attention for that which is creative and artistic and transformative—and in so doing, invite others into that which is creative and artistic and transformative inside themselves and their particular communities. It’s born from a dream to belong. It’s born from a dream to include. It’s born from a dream to simply say what’s so through any expressive media, and find kind eyeballs on the other side. Thank you for being those kind eyeballs and for meeting us all here, in the dream of this Press. learn more about us on: http://lulu.com/writressworder

WANTED: HUMAN BEINGS WHO WRITE WORDS--open call for eclectic anthologies Reply to: bethbenson@mac.com In the launch year of elizaPress Publications we're seeking words--poetry, performance pieces, haiku, limericks, plays, prose, reflections, stori