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Eddy Sader

Dekweneh, Facing the Lebanese University
Beirut, Lebanon  

Home page: www.saderpublishers.com

Founded: 1863

Website: http://www.saderpublishers.com

Sader Legal Publishing, the leading legal information provider in the Arab world, based in Beirut since 1863 has established itself also in Dubai and Kuwait. Sader Legal Publishing represents the best of legal publishing in the Arab world. It provides international, regional and national law topics in a comparative multilingual format (Arabic, English and French). For over 140 years, Sader has been committed to providing information and publications for attorneys, law firms, legal consultants, judges, business professionals, major corporations academic institutions, law students and government agencies. Sader Publishers created the Lebanese laws in English website www.lebaneselaws.com in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Trade, and the Beirut BAR Association. It provides a precise and reliable English translation of the main Lebanese laws.This website was voted best strategic website in Lebanon for the year 2005. Sader Legal Publishers also participated in the Jordanian laws in English website (www.jordanianbusinesslaw.com ), and the compilation of the legal opinions of the legislative and consulting Body at the Lebanese Ministry of Justice, and also the first E-library of its kind in the Arab region at the Ministry of Justice. Sader Legal is now serving the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice in many projects related to legal information in Kuwait. is the official legal translator of the Courts of Dubai, Sader trilingual services include: printing, editing, publishing, e-publishing, legal research, distributing, translating… Sader Legal plays a major role in the evolution of the legal community in the Middle East. It is helping that community to keep pace with the increasing challenges of the legal profession. It is conceived to specifically meet the changing needs of national, regional and international practitioners, in an effort to enable them to achieve more efficiently, their goals and objectives. Since 1863, Sader Legal Publishers has been offering its expertise and know-how in legal publishing throughout the Middle East. It is playing a major role in implementing the Rule of Law basis in the Arab countries. As for the UAE, Sader accomplished the UAE Law Compendium (in Arabic) in collaboration with Al Tamimi Law Firm (31 Volumes, Hardbound, Loose leaf), in addition to the UAE Annotated Codes (in Arabic and English), which is similar to the most sought after and sold Lebanese annotated codes. Sader is also working on the Main UAE Laws (codes) in English such as the Commercial Code, Intellectual Property Code etc.., and plans to publish a monthly specialized legal journal (new concept). This commitment is the corner stone of the company's business philosophy. Sader Legal Publishing author base is comprised of prominent lawyers, judges and university professors from Lebanon, the UAE and Arab countries. The company has gathered experts in civil law, commercial law, criminal law, tax law, IT law and many others. The company works together with these authors to build a new system of Arab legal publishing consisting of a wide range of topics with easy access to the required information, emphasizing on regular updates of developments in the Arab legal world. Sader Legal Publishing has published on unrivalled variety of legal topics in different formats as books, periodicals, loose-leaf publications and law compendiums as well as digital products, with the objective to supplying expert and practical information on different areas of the law. The company is focusing its efforts on the development and marketing of both CD and internet based legal information along with the full range of products it is publishing. Sader legal publishing is supported by a specialized «Law Research Center» which includes a talented and experienced team dedicated to serve the company's objectives and goals. Its unique research center provides the highest demands for Arab legal information. A new era for a company with a 140 year heritage. Sader Legal Publishers is supported by "Sader & Associates"one of the leading Intellectual Property Law Firms in Lebanon (www.saderlaw.com)

Lebanese Publishers Union; Beirut Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture

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