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Derek Armstrong


Home page: http://www.kunati.com

Founded: 2005

Website: http://www.kunati.com

Kunati Books continues to fascinate the author community with its focus on first-time authors and controversy. The book publisher puts emphasis on “provocative” fresh voices in fiction and edgy concepts in non-fiction. “We’re particularly focused on controversy, taboo topics or the utterly wacky,” said Derek Armstrong, Publisher at Kunati Inc. Thousands of website hits per month and over a thousand author queries every eight weeks seems to indicate the position has some appeal. Kunati is releasing six titles January 07 and sixteen June 07, including debut novels in divergent categories, all with “edge.” bang-BANG by Lynn Hoffman is provocative and brilliant attack on both sides of the gun-rights debate, a novel that makes you want to cry and laugh on every page. Shadow of Innocence takes on drugs and the sixties, by Ric Wasley. “We have titles we’re considering strongly that deal with suicide, raw sexual memoirs, hilarious romps that jab at everything from race to women’s rights,” Derek Armstrong explained.

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Our authors go beyond talent and original voices. To be considered by Kunati, a book must have “edge.” “Many of our titles, both fiction and non-fiction, invite and provoke debate,” explained Kunati Publisher Derek Armstrong. “We are building a list of