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Anthony Ravenscroft

Crookston, 24, United States

Founded: 1996

Website: http://www.crossquarter.com

The company began as an offshoot of a New Age-y women's empowerment program. It was reshaped slightly to focus on the sorts of nontraditional books of practical mysticism that seemed so completely overlooked. In the past few years, we've added a strong fiction direction. We consider occult romance, modern Gothic, mystery, science fiction, fantasy. Quirky is good -- gimmicky is not. And that's why very little horror would interest us: too much formulaic writing, too much cheap shock. Even an otherwise solid book will not get an offer unless it offers some actual insight into the upward struggle of the human spirit. Even Dean Koontz tends to show the ultimate strength of human goodness, however terrible its missteps.

Varies as we decide whether association membership serves a purpose. Generally: PMA, SPAN, NMBA.

Check the website for examples. We consider science fiction & fantasy that doesn't immediately look "like" something else (in other words, please don't waste postage on another Harry Potter or Tolkien pastiche). Well-grounded nonfiction from a non-mainstr