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Ben Tousey

Seattle, 48, United States  

Home page: http://www.yhabbut.com

Founded: 2003

Website: http://www.yhabbut.com

Yhabbut publishes genres which include: gay romance, religious satire, and occult-themed thrillers—all of which have a gay storyline. Under the category of gay romance, authors like Timothy Ryker Kole explore concepts like coming out Adonis style… what happens to a gay Christian denying who he is when he encounters Adonis on Mount Olympus? Under the category of occult-themed thrillers, Ben Tousey offers a new take on the vampire genre: even including an element of the soul and what happens when such a creature steps out of time, but still exists within the boundaries of physics. Can love exist outside of these bounds as well, and if so, why? Under the category of religious satire, Benjamin David explores the ironies of beliefs, and how they shape our version of reality, while reality itself goes merrily upon its way.

Fiction and Nonfiction Historical Fiction Gay Spirituality Gay erotica with an occult edge to it!