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Bobby Nielsen

Shelton, CT, USA
Shelton, 7, United States  

Home page: http://www.wordsiseek.com/expensive-cars/

Founded: 2015

Website: http://www.wordsiseek.com/expensive-cars/

It did not take long for the car to be a little more than a means of practice and pollutant transport. Mankind has invented the wheel, thought a little later to add to it a frame and a body and just after, the car became a mark of elegance and refinement, a huge jewel in which one sits and should symbolize the good taste and solvency. Some brands have capitalized on this feature of the car and if the names that follow do not guarantee the fastest nor the strongest vehicles, they remain those who really dream. 1. Rolls-Royce Henry Royce was very clear: "Search perfection in everything Take the best that exists and improve And when nothing exists, conceive.." . It is quite allowed to call a Rolls-Royce by his initials, full name is quite complicated to pronounce. 2. Bentley Cars still built by hand can be counted on the fingers of the hand. Bentley in it. This is also the case of Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti and Ferrari, which is found in this ranking. Names that do not breathe mediocrity. 3. Ferrari 's Prancing Horse brand is encrusted on the podium of this classification legitimately. His F1 performance combined with its luxury image have given him over the years, a solid reputation with the public. His models are still quite inaccessible in price. 4. Lamborghini The brand was not intended to be included in such a classification. Originally prosperous tractor manufacturer, Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to satisfy his real ambition: to build beautiful cars can compete with Ferrari and Maserati. Mission accomplished ! 5. Maserati The takeover by Fiat in 1987 could have turned to catastrophe with his desire to marry the rival Maserati and Ferrari. Finally, Maserati has maintained its excellence and letters offers a nice fifth place. 6. Aston Martin Lionel Martin, experienced pilot, had the idea of the name "Aston Martin" following his victory at the Aston Clinton hillclimb in 1913. 1913 is also the year that will see the first car born from Lionel Martin, long before James Bond does not install on the driver seat. 7. Bugatti "Nothing is too beautiful, nothing is too expensive" . Ettore Bugatti announced color. He might have added "Nothing is too fast" . The Bugatti Veyron Supersport so below is, indeed, the fastest in the world. 8. Spyker Spyker brand was destined for a disastrous future after its bankruptcy and its closure in 1926. The brand was bought yet a few years later to become Spyker Cars and attempts since to honor its motto for the tenacious, no road n ' is impassable. 9. Pagani Pagani brand has not seniority of other brands of rank but different experiences of its director, Horacio Pagani, Lamborghini or in the head of Modena Design, ensured a solid reputation in the world of automotive. 10; Koenigsegg The Swedish manufacturer has always had a head desire: to create cars swift and adapted to the city. A desire that led to superimpose some models of the brand in the ranking of the most expensive cars in the world and the fastest.

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