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Ashley Browneda

London, 19, United Kingdom  

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Transition in writing an argumentative essay refers to logical progression of thought in that the idea from a previous section or paragraph should be wrapped up and the next section’s idea introduced in the transitioning sentence(s). Each paragraph of the argument paper should be limited to expounding on one idea and should have a logical connection to the argumentative essay’s thesis to allow clear direction of the essays structure. Proof or evidence of the concepts in the argumentative essay and a paragraph or two discussing the opposition between the concepts should be included in the body. The conclusion is quite significant in the structure of argumentative essays as it leaves the most immediate impression on the reader. It must be logical and relevant to the thesis statement and should not introduce additional information. Rather it should aim at synthesizing the information presented in the essay’s body, restating the thesis statement while taking a definitive stand on the topic being argued out.The tone and style used in the argumentative essay should be formal and professional using Standard English, however, personal style and voice can be used as long as it is consistent, elegant, clever and witty so as to convey the writer’s keen interest in the topic to the audience. The tone used should also be formal and academically appropriate with no colloquialism and cliches unless when aimed at deriving justified dramatic or analytical tone. The effective choice of words in the argument essay should bring out clarity of concepts being argued and the use of verb tenses and personification should be consistent. Other formal requirements for academic argumentative essays may hold, for instance word-count and referencing instructions. The essay should comply with the academic level for which it is being written, for instance, referencing instructions for college argument essays are more detail-specific compared to high-school argumentative essays which might require no referencing at all.Students can buy custom argumentative essays, written to the specification of the student’s academic course level, from companies providing academic writing services via the internet. These companies have databases of prefabricated academic papers for different levels of learning, covering diverse topics genres of writing, for students to choose from. The companies employ writers with sound academic background, usually Masters-level graduates, to handle client orders and they do offer after-sale services to their clients whereby corrections that may be needed for the academic papers are done at no extra cost to the client.

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