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Ian Jarvis

New City, 52, United States

Founded: 2012

Website: http://www.medpillrx.com/aurogra.php

Skin trouble and skin breakouts!! Troublesome skin disorders can make someone feel extremely frustrated. The breakouts occur due to clogging of follicles with dead skin and oil. What are the true causes of these skin breakouts? It could be an outcome of your menstrual cycle, consumption of spicy foods which could be causing irritation to your skin, certain skin products that could be clogging your skin or a smoking habit. How to prevent breakouts? Avoid foods that you know may trigger an episode of skin breakout Spicy foods, oily foods and foods to which you are allergic should all be completely avoided. Some types of dairy products or chocolates may also cause skin disorders. Hence avoid their consumption. Keep your skin clean You can use a cleanser to clean your skin. Do not rub hard on your skin. Wash your face twice a day. Do not wash it too often, the same could dry your skin. Use soaps that have a low PH. Avoid scrubbing your face hard. Remove make up from your skin before going to sleep. Do not use oily product Ensure that the skin products you use are oil free. Oily products can clog your skin pores. Even make up if not oily can clog the pores of your skin. Hence avoid using the same. Use sunscreen lotion Sun can intensify your skin breakouts. Hence use sunscreen lotion if you wish to go out in the sun. Wear loose clothes Wear clothes which are loose and do not touch to your skin tightly. Wear clothes that do not stick to your skin to cause any type of skin trouble.Tight clothing can increase heat in your body and lead to an episode of skin breakouts. Take medication If you keep suffering from skin trouble every now and then, speak to a doctor and get yourself treated. Quit smoking Smoking reduces levels of oxygen in your body. It dehydrates your skin as well. It increases your pore size and the carcinogenic factors in the cigar retealso irritate your skin. Thus causing an episode of breakout. Avoid stress Avoid stress. Stress does not cause a skin breakout, however stress can worsen your skin issue. Hence stay calm, especially if you are among those who frequently suffer from skin breakouts. Keep yourself well hydrated. Drink lots of water, especially when you are going to have your menstrual cycle. This helps in controlling body heat and also keeps the skin hydrated.