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Sophie Hunt

Founded: 2012

Website: http://www.healthkartrx.com/viagra-generic-100mg.php

Yoga can help us manage stress! Yoga is an ancient Indian practice which emphasizes in deep breathing exercises and relaxation. This helps in reducing levels of stress that are experienced by individuals. Yoga coms from the word yoke, which refers to coming together. It ensures that the mind, body and soul get stress free after performing the various yoga asana. The following techniques involved in yoga help to reduce levels of stress. • Stretching exercises • Movement involving physical activity • Meditation • Deep breathing exercises Impact of yoga in stress management After performing yoga one experiences the following benefits. These include: • Lower heart rate • Management of blood pressure • Good sleep • Reduces muscle tension and levels of anxiety Yoga involves stretching of body through different poses. The areas like neck, shoulders, back are more prone to stress. Thus through exercises, these body parts get relaxed. The best part about yoga is that it can be done anywhere. You do not require heavy equipment’s to perform yoga. Along with this the process involves slow and deep breathing which makes the body relax and energized. Breathing through your nose helps maintain body heat and improves the focus of your mind. Deep breathing exercises help one to concentrate on your own breath. Thus performing meditation will help one improve their focus. This also helps an individual to get rid of their worries and anxieties. One can do yoga before going to bed to relax their mind and ensure they get a good night's slumber. After yoga, your body will be all relaxed. Thus letting you attain a sound quality of sleep. The corpse pose in yoga that is usually done towards the end emphasizes on relaxing through deep breathing. Thus your entire body can feel relaxed and rejuvenated after performing this pose. Thus the objective of yoga gets achieved towards the end which is to promote relaxation by reducing levels of stress in our entire body.