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Raquel Thorne

Founded: 2012

Website: http://cahoodaloodaling.com

cahoodaloodaling accepts both poetry and short prose, as well as cover and feature art, for quarterly issues. Previously published work is welcome, provided you notify us, as we wish to credit all original publishers. We strongly encourage both published and new writers to submit, as well as submissions of collaborative work. Before submitting, please always check our current call for submissions as issues are theme and sometimes form specific. Submit your work to cahoodaloodaling@gmail.com accordingly: WRITERS & POETS: Submit only 1-3 pieces per issue. Include your submission both in plain text in the body of your email as well as a single attachment. Do not include your name on the attachment as we read submissions blind. .doc or .odt are permitted. If you are concerned about your formatting, you may attach your work as a PDF as well. If you have an audio recording of your reading your work, we accept MP3s and WMAs. If for some reason, one of these doesn’t work for you, query with what format you can submit and we’ll see what we can do. If you send audio and we accept it for publication, we’ll turn it into a video and host it on our YouTube page. Unless our call for submissions is form specific, we will consider any form or style, including but not limited to: fiction, non-fiction, free verse, form verse, scripts and screenplays, flash, interviews, and reviews. Excerpts recommended for longer pieces. When in doubt, query. ARTISTS: Submit up to 10 pieces. Feel free to submit photographs, illustrations, cartoons, fractal renders, etc. Please send in jpeg format as an attachment. Art is considered for both covers and features. ALL SUBMISSIONS: •Please format your subject line as follows: Last Name, First Name – Issue Title (such as: Thorne, Rhiannon – It Happened in a Flash). Submissions are sometimes sent to the spam folder – this is your guarantee that we’ll catch it. It’s also a pretty obvious indicator of who read our submission guidelines. •Multiple Submissions: Please do not submit more than once to a specific issue unless requested by an editor; however, you may submit for more than one issue at a time if we have more than one submission call active. Submit for each issue individually following the guidelines above. •Simultaneous Submissions: Welcome. Please make sure to notify us promptly if you need to withdraw a submission as we will consider all submissions as available for publication unless otherwise notified. •Include a brief bio. Your bio should be fun, written in the 3rd person, 50-150 words, and should demonstrate who you are as a poet, writer, or artist. Feel free to mention your dog, crazy ex-lover, street you grew up on or favorite fruit. Additionally, include your publication credits if you have them, your personal blog, and or where we can buy your book. If your bio is longer, we will likely pare it to a more consumable length. •Include a contributor’s photo. This is not mandatory, but strongly preferred. Your photo can be your smiling face or your left foot. Again, whatever shows us who you are, but it must be of you. Do not send a picture of your dog, crazy ex-lover or your favorite fruit (although they may be in the picture with you!) Please send pictures in a jpeg format with dimensions no smaller than 100×100 pixels and no larger than 250×250 pixels. As a contributor, you retain copyright after initial publication, but we do ask that you cite cahoodaloodaling as the original publisher if you choose to republish elsewhere. Be creative. Be brutally honest. Give us your grotesque, your wacky, your sweet. Remember, grammar and spelling are sexy. We are here to help publish and do the occasional editing, but we are not your first-draft checkers. On the other hand, if you want to make up new words, be our guest. We’re not going to decline work because apple-ing is not in a dictionary or if it has alternative punctuation (& or and: whichever you please.) With mucho gusto, your resident editor, Raquel Thorne