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Kyle Davis


Home page: www.kaerudigital.com

Founded: 2013

Website: http://www.kaerudigital.com

Kaeru Digital is a special publisher that focuses on environmentally friendly solutions to the world of publishing. The following are some key points that set Kaeru Digital apart from the publisher masses. Eco-Conscious: Uses EPUB and HTML to publish and avoids paper-based administration. High Royalties: 67+% IP Protection: You keep ownership of your work. Anyone can Publish: You can publish through Kaeru Digital no matter who or where you are. If you are outside of the U.S. then you may be required to obtain and provide special tax information as required by federal, state, or local government. Minors are allowed to publish with the written signature of a parent or authoritative figure. Only English-language works and contacts are supported at this time. (Restrictions regarding trade embargoes and other sanctions remain in effect.) Privacy Options: You can publish a work under an alias if you desire to do so. You will NOT be asked personal questions regarding such things as demographics. Open Contracts: You are not locked into a time period or prevented from using other means of publishing. (However, Kaeru Digital cannot guarantee that other publishers will be willing to sell a work you have available through another publisher.) Cover/Content Control: You get to present your work the way you want. Help is offered only if you want or need it. (Standards are maintained to ensure a certain level of quality in art and literature.) Consumer Protection: Your readers will love the fact that Kaeru Digital doesn't track them or put DRMs on your work. They can buy and read anywhere and the EPUBs make it easy to use a wide variety of e-readers. Strong Ethics: Charging authors an upfront fee is often a conflict of interest because it means that the publisher is less interested in your work and more interested in how much they can gain in pre-publication. Kaeru Digital does NOT charge authors and artists any fees. Kaeru Digital makes money much the same as authors do: by actual end-consumer sales.

Books, comics, and manga are all acceptable with support for music, video, and games on the way. Most categories are welcome, from Adventure to Romance to Cyberpunk. Amateur and veteran writers alike are welcome.