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Shoot Your Eye Out P Shoot Your Eye Out Publishing


Website: http://www.syeopub.com

Shoot Your Eye Out Publishing is a small book publisher start-up in a world where many would say that publishing is a dying art. Like newspapers and record producers, the conventional wisdom is that publishing has been pushed aside by the Internet and Internet Search. Any author can publish their own work today, and thousands and thousands do. The eBook has become the new business card for companies large and small according to many business consultants. Some will tell you that you can hack out that business book and get it up on your company website in a week! Remember the Apple-I that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built in that Cupertino garage? It was the next generation of hobbyest computers that people built themselves. They even tried to sell it to Hp at the time. It was not a real computer, like an IBM, and nobody wanted to try to sell hobby kits that people would build themselves. Times have not changed. If your book is a hobby built from a “kit” for the current “romance” market or the latest “vampire” genre there is a place for it and you can publish it yourself as well as anyone can. There are over 200,000 books published every year now. Many are self published ebooks. SYEO assists authors with editing, covers, media development, formatting, ebook listing, and print layouts. At present publishing is through Apple, B&N, and Amazon for ebooks and Create Space and Espresso Book machine for print. Print books are also available to resellers and distributors. Please let us know if we can help you. You can connect through the Contact Page or the Submissions Page. Thank You and Good Luck, SYEO Publishing