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Hi, you are receiving this message because you told us you would be receptive to contact from WritersNet when you signed up as a member. 

You're asking: "What has WritersNet got to say for itself after all this time?" Are you? Anyway... We wanted to get in contact with our members for two reasons:

  1. There is lots going on at WritersNet
  2. We are introducing this newsletter and we want your input
So, what's in our first newsletter?


We all know we have to do the housekeeping.

Been to WritersNet lately? It is six months since we introduced our new look and feel and boy how traffic has grown. More than 50,000 visitors converge on WritersNet every month. The discussion forums are livelier than ever. We challenge you not to learn something from fellow writers there. Go on; have a look: http://www.writers.net/forum

We are reviewing our content with a view to making WritersNet an even more valuable resource for writers and will introduce new initiatives as fast as we can. If there is something we should be doing please let us know

Things in the pipeline include: 

  • A specialized critique forum for honing your writing in a workshop like environment
  • A directory of publishers
  • A totally revamped resources section
  • User contributed content
In the current Internet economy the pipeline can lack the lubricants (resources and funding) it needs to allow a free flow. But we are working on that as well.

Do your bit to help us keep our house - renovations and all - in order. Why not take the time to update your free WritersNet homepage.

Newsletter Ideas 

We envisage (sorry guys American English is not my first language and I just can't "envision" anything) a biweekly (or "fortnightly":-)) newsletter designed to provoke thought and debate by being informative about the writing life. It will tell you what is happening at WritersNet. Our newsletter will also keep you in touch with things in the writing and publishing worlds that you should know about.

Our focus is not on instructional and "how to" information but there will likely be some of this traditional writers' publication fodder. Depends on you because we will be encouraging our readers to contribute content. We know you all have something valuable to say. Why do it all ourselves when we can enlist your help?

What else? We've arranged for Beelzebub's Attorney to contribute some controversial views on making it as a writer. We'll let you know about the best of our discussion forums (see below). There'll be highlights from writing related writing as it appears on the Web and nuggets of interesting content appearing on other sites. We may offer reviews of writing related books. Finally, we think one can teach oneself a lot about writing without paying others; so we'll be suggesting exercises (see the forum's hidden treasure, below) and asking you to suggest some too. 

Got your own ideas? We'd love to hear them. Contact us

Thought Provoking Stuff

Technology is not always a help to writers

The image of the writer pounding words out of a low-tech typewriter endures. Remember the film Wonder Boys? In reality, most writers make the most of word processing and other modern technologies. But, as writer David Galef suggests, technology can make writing a contemporary novel tough. More...
Discuss technological difficulties in the forums
What was that a redeemed Grady was writing on at the end of the film?

Fiction is dead. Long live non-fiction.

Well at least that was what Andrew Marr decided after judging the UK's prestigious Samuel Johnson prize for non-fiction books. More...
Discuss the death of fiction in the forums.

Dead But Popping Up in the Strangest places

Editor & Publisher Online reports that the Wall Street Journal has sponsored a fiction serial available on its free Web presence. Is this the return of the nineteenth century model which saw Dickens and Thackeray, among others, publish novels in parts before they were pulished in whole? More...
Discuss serializing fiction in the forums.

Epublishing Lead

The Ecommerce Times reported at the beginning of the month that Ebooks were to be considered for the National Book Foundations's National Book Awards... with conditions More... (Perhaps, epublishing is gaining in kudos).

Pioneer epublisher, OnlineOriginals has already had some prize success with a nomination for the prestigious Booker Prize. They publish only a small proportion of work submitted to them. Some of you may have difficulty with their 60 pound (approx. US$84) fee for peer reviews before submission but this epublisher acts more like a traditional publisher than most. Their site is worth a look anyway...

The WritersNet Forum Word on Writing

What are they talking about in the WritersNet forums? Well...

Dubious Agent Practice:
Writer James D'Arienzio Jr. has a dilemma. An agent has recommended an editor to "polish" his work. But that means paying money... Read this thread for an insight into a common technique of agents who prey on rather than aide writers. More.. 

We have prepared a list of copyright related links that we will be adding to WritersNet soon. In the meantime the forum members can help. Karen LeCross asked one of the most common copyright questions in our forum. You may learn something from the responses she got.  More...

You know that paying to be published can be a controversial way to get your work into print. You don't? You obviously haven't spent any time in our forums lately. Just how well does epublishing reward your investment?  Our writers, including some well-respected members of the WritersNet community, have some experience to share. More...

A Hidden Treasure:
The Writing craft forum kicked off with an act of generosity from an editor. Mary Ellen drew on her editing experience to produce a very useful list of common errors new writers make. Read it and take an editorial sword to your latest piece of writing. How many times did you make Mary Ellen's mistakes? Share your take on writing gaffes here.

Words on the Web

They are talking about writing and books all over the Web. Here are some snippets of an ongoing conversation:

British newspaper, The  Independent, interviewed, publisher, Peter Owen. The result is name dropping fun but also an insight into the ways of publishing past. More...

Book Magazine revealed that Joyce Carolyn Oates is a well organized woman. She would have to be to achieve such prolificacy... (N.B. Books Magazine only reveal all to subscribers and print mag buyers). More...

Writer Diana Clancy, who is of Cherokee Indian decent, listens to contrasting inner voices when writing. More...

Booksonline reports that Jane Rogers' Good Fiction Guide goes some way toward answering the question: "Just what makes a good read?" This essay collection takes a relaxed attitude but offers insight into fiction at beginning of the 21st century. More...

Writer Paul Theroux told the San Francisco Chronicle that he doesn't like literary society but he does like Hawaii. More...

The Village Voice Literary Supplement profiled writing stars of the future from very different backgrounds. More...

The Associated Writing Programs offers a primer on technical writing... More...

Michelle Goodman's suggests, in her Venue Spotlight, that online writing opportunities still exist but pieces are shorter and you'll be paid less for them. Don't miss the link to a May piece on online markets by Steve Outing. More...

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Well that's it for now. I hope you have found something of use here. Please don't hesitate to let me in on your ideas for this newsletter and WritersNet. We want to know what writers want from us; so, we can deliver it.

Hamish Gilbertson

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