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    Winona Rasheed

    What is the difference between Picutre book and storybook

    Ok, this is my first time using this forum, so hello everyone, and bless those who will be able to help me with my little writing problem.

    I am a children's writer, and I have stumbled on this problem whereas, I have written a story that is too long to be a picture book, and the targeted age group is for 7-10 year olds. It is not an early chapter book because it has no chapters. My manuscript is 28 pages long, with 6,858 words. would this be considered a storybook because of the word count? What are the rules for writing picture books and storybooks? How would a 28 page manuscript become a 32-48 page book? Is this something a writer should be concerned with, or do I just submit my work and let the publisher decide?

    I have a publisher who is interested in this story in it's original form, the problem was that it was too short for a storybook, too long for a picturebook. I reconstructed the original story which was only 6 pages, added 20 more pages to it to make it worthy of a storybook at the publisher's request, but, after doing the rewrite, I find that the publisher did not like the new story, wants the original with more added to it. I tried to do that, but it changed the whole story. That's how I came up with another version, longer, with a new title to match, but keeping with the original story idea and content.

    I feel if I send this story back to the publisher, I will get the same results, it's not what she wants, she insists on the original. How can she recieve the original when each time I revise to make it longer, it becomes a different story? This is so mind boggling. I hope there is someone out there who can answer my questions because I am in a writing hole.

    Thanks bunches, I will be waiting for replies.


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    Irese Sheridan

    Re: What is the difference between Picutre book and storybook

    Winona -- I think you and the editor need to talk more specifics. What exactly is it she wants in the book. What does she want out? What do you think needs to be included, are willing to exclude? A deep conversation.

    Maybe you'd like to break it into a chapter book. Is that possible (in case you can't come to a meeting of the minds with this editor)? Or could you find a way to revise it into a picture book, and perhaps use the leftover bits in another book?

    Just ideas. I've often found that editors (agents, too) have a difficult time conveying their true wants. Frustrating for both parties. Keep plugging away.

    Good luck.

    Irese (who wrote for older kids)

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