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Thread: Taboo on Kids

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    Sarah Fluharty

    Re: Word Count?

    Here is my basic opinion about how kids and their relationships are portrayed in books. I might be wrong, but this is just my opinion.

    I imagine that in novels they tend to wait until kids are in their young teens before they introduce any relationship issues because that is about the time kids develop a real interest in them. I know there are exceptions, but as a whole I wouldn't picture a 7 year old boy being all that interested in girls. To most of them girls are still "icky." (And vice versa, though girls tend to show interest in boys before boys are interested in them.)

    Now, if you bring it up at around 11-12 years old you see some boys becoming very interested in the opposite sex, but it's still on a very superficial level. I just don't think kids think all that much about significant others until adolescence.

    Of course, your character and his surroundings will have a lot to do with this, so it's not completely black and white. These days a lot of kids are getting sexually interested earlier than ever, but I wouldn't say it's the norm. It depends on their upbringing and what they've been exposed to.

    I wouldn't worry about being taboo, but I would suggest you try to keep it realistic. If he's a 7 year old, try to keep that innocence about girls they all have at that age.


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    SF Pete

    Taboo on Kids

    Thanks, Sarah.

    Another aspect with kids' romance has to do with the oversight of the parents. It's nearly impossible to have seven-year olds wandering around alone with the opposite sex. I don't care if the parents are rocket scientists; they'll be seen as mega-stupid in Real-Life or in the novel if they allowed their tyke to date when in the single-digit age.

    I'm getting a general picture of what I should do. Trust one's instincts :-).

    Thanks for all the replies.


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    Debbi Voisey

    Re: Taboo on Kids


    You were a 12 year old boy once... so I think it is more than okay for you to describe how a boy of that age would feel. To be honest, even I, a female, would feel okay about trying to do it because empathy is one of the greatest tools we have as writers, and it doesn't matter who you are; I believe you can get into any character's mind and if you do it well, the effect can be stunning.

    Don't worry about things like being considered a "pervert".... there is nothing perverted about these subjects - perversion comes when sick people twist the normal things in life in order pleasure themselves and hurt others.

    A young boys sexual awakening is not something to be afraid of. Do it well, with sensitivity and the innocence that would come from his youth, and it should come out okay.


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