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    Ruth-Ann Jackson

    Panda Press International

    There was a link on WritersNet yesterday for a publisher called Panda Press International and I have been trying to find out more about them. They are not on Editors and preditors and apparently don't have a web site. Could be they're just very new. Has anyone dealt with them?

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Panda Press International

    Back to Google. Looks like, if the name was any more common, it'd be generic. One's a stationer, another's a UK commercial printer, another's a plate-maker...

    It's generally not a good sign if you have to go scrabbling through the underbrush for them. It's hardly a better sign if you can't find them in the standard references.

    My guess is you'd be better to stay on the path defined by Writer's Market.

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    Ruth-Ann Jackson

    Re: Panda Press International

    My bad. That's Banda Press, not Panda Press. Sorry, my mistake. They do have a website. Apparently just very new.

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