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    Rachel Neal

    Almost Published...

    Ok, here we go.... At the tender age of 29, I wrote an engaging, fun-to-read, adult-rated (anatomically frank) guide to better understanding African American male-female relationships. The first literary agent that I sent my book too, who just happened to be an ex-editor at one of the larger houses, signed me (what luck)....Anyway, she shopped the book and Random House liked it and offered me some ridiculously low sum. My agent decided to shop the book a little because she believed that there would be a bidding war. Needless to say, Random House decided that for whatever reason they did not want to deal with my agent and/or my book and decided to pass (I still do not know what really happened). Of course, all of the other houses decided to pass too. My agent also decided to quit and go back to her old editing job. If I knew then what I know now, I would have had her jump at the offer. BAH HUMBUG! It took me ten years to recover and now I am out here again shopping my timeless novel. Anybody know any good agents that would take me in a minute ?

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    Michael Hill

    Re: Almost Published...

    Rachel, not to be funny, but if we knew any agents that would take you in a minute, we all would have an agent.

    Seems like your going to have to start from scratch.

    Good luck.

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    Jazz Hennessey

    Re: Almost Published...

    Hi Rachel, I replied in the Agent Forum.

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