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    Chris Sullivan

    Children's bed time story

    Reading these posts, I have come to the conclussion that I did it all wrong... I never intended to be a writer! I consider myself more of an artist. Having children,however, I read stories every night. Occasionally I would make one up off the top of my head instead of reading.
    When my youngest daughter asked me to " make a book " for her, I decided to write a story, and print up the pages and illustrations on my computer. A couple of staples later, I had a complete book. After it was finished, I kept getting told that I should first copyright it, then try to get it published.

    I have no query letter, no "manuscript", and no clue as to my next step...just a nice, illustrated, finished ( albeit home made...) book. What should I do now??

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    Irese Sheridan

    Re: Children's bed time story

    Chris -- Send the story, without the computer generated illustrations, to a picture book publisher. Most companies will accept those manuscripts without an agent. Most agents don't handle picture books.

    Publishing houses prefer to pick their own illustrators, and they are not into clip art.

    Go to the library and check out the houses that put out books of your type. Good luck.


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    Jeanne Gassman

    Re: Children's bed time story


    Here are a couple of Web sites that you might find helpful:




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