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    Luanne Alvarez-Slater

    my poetry is finally being published


    My name is Luanne, and I'd just like to share
    this with you. After an extremely exhaustive
    search for a publisher, I found one in the
    United States. I tried to find a Canadian
    publisher, but had no luck. No one wanted to
    take a chance on me and my book. I almost
    gave up hope, then I found PublishAmerica one
    day, while visiting allpoetry.com. I have
    many poems (in rough) there and I have had a
    lot of support from this group of writers.
    It is as if PublishAmerica was meant for me
    to discover that day. How lucky for me, to
    have found them. I pay nothing for my book
    to be published; they pay me. It's quite
    exciting and perhaps if anyone would like to
    submit their manuscript for review, then try
    www.PublishAmerica.com. I highly recommend
    them. Their staff is wonderful. Maybe your
    dream may come true, just as mine did.

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    Amanda Rosko

    Re: my poetry is finally being published

    Publish America is a scam. Sorry. Don't sign with them or you'll regret it. Here are some links you should look at:




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    Sarah Klein


    This is a commercial brought to you by Publish America. Could it possibly be more obvious? No one is that naive, not even a child.

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    Catherine S

    Re: Nonsense

    People who resent hearing the company that recongized their potential are that naive, well, I guess defensive is a better word. She probably read the negative remarks about PA on here and got annoyed. I bet she's posted elsewhere, too. Many of PA's authors are very defensive about the company and really are happy campers. It's only a rip-off if you don't know what you're getting into. For some people, simply having the book in print is all they really want. To each his own.

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    Sarah Klein

    Re: Nonsense

    I understand what you're saying, but that was so over the top. It sounded like a kid who got captured by a cult. Maybe P.A. "writers" are a cult in the making.

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    Re: Nonsense


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    Irese Sheridan

    Re: Nonsense

    Sounds like PA is really desperate.


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    Carol O

    Re: Nonsense

    Heh. Yes, PA is a cult. <http://www.rickross.com/warningsigns.html>

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    Elaine Foster


    Hi Luanne

    Firstly, I've edited the graphic heading of Bull**** to NONSENSE!.

    If you got your poetic manuscript published, well go girl go!. If Publish America has a website, that's the first step towards their authenticity.

    There are some green eyed monsters out there even amongst writers. Look out! But smile.

    Oops we are supposed to be encouraging each other here.

    Could we have some evidence of rip off todate. Maybe, PA is on their way towards correcting their negative image.


    Elaine Foster

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    Amanda Rosko


    Having a website isn't the first step towards anything. Any thirteen year old can make one and many thirteen year olds have.

    I'm sorry but I seriously couldn't tell if you were joking or not, like putting a period after an exclamation mark could be an accident from quick typing, or it could be a sign of sarcasm, or just bad grammar, I don't know, but if you are serious then copy and paste some of those links I put up and then you'll have the rip-offs you're looking for. If you're not serious and just being sarcastic then I'm sorry for not getting the joke of encouraging PA.

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