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    Joe Richard

    Chapter summaries with query letters?

    I am new to this site and new to the entire publishing process. Is there any benefit to including a chapter summary with a query letter? Does anyone know of any guidlines for such summaries? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Chapter summaries with query letters?

    Not for fiction. For nonfiction, you need chapter outlines. There are books on the subject of writing nonfiction proposals.

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    Re: Chapter summaries with query letters?

    Please do some homework before you submit anything to an agent or publisher. Go into the Literary Agents forum and read the past threads regarding submissions. You'll get a lot of information.

    Also, be sure to check that the agents/publishers you send to are not scams. There are lots of them.

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    Cathy C

    Re: Chapter summaries with query letters?

    McGraw-Hill Business Books has a good general guideline for a proposal. Here: <http://books.mcgraw-hill.com/getpage.php?page=submission_guidelines.php>

    Look for the sections entitled "The Book" and "Rough Outline," which will give you a guide to what to include. But yes, there are plenty of books out there on how to write chapter summaries. Just do a quick Google and you should find them. Jayce is right about these not being required for fiction. In fiction, they'll want a synopsis of the whole book, rather than chapter summaries.

    Good luck!


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