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    Katie Hill

    New writer, dont know what steps to take, PLEASE HELP!

    I've been trying to find a way for a while now on how to get my poetry published, however i dont know what steps to take to even begin the process of trying to be published. I know I need to find a publisher, but how. Tried google but i can only find competitions, which you have to pay to enter, and i dont feel that i should have to pay, but maybe i'm wrong? So, if anyone knows of any publishers who i coud send my work off to, and give me anymore tips, such as how many poems should i send off, an should I include a biography and also maybe write some details on what my work is about, it would be much appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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    Gravity Fades

    Re: New writer, dont know what steps to take, PLEASE HELP!

    Katie: First, the best advice anyone can give you is to be very, very careful. For some reason, poets tend to get the attention of a lot of scammers; posibly because the profit margin for poetry is razor-thin.

    That said, a place to start your search would be Writers Market 2006 (your library should have it). There you'll find listings of houses that may (MAY) be looking for poetry. (I think there's also a version of WM for poetry, but I'm not sure.) Vet those houses eight ways from Sunday, and even then, hold your breath.

    Best of luck to you!


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    Mike Wilson

    Re: New writer, dont know what steps to take, PLEASE HELP!

    You should try to publish your poems in literary magazines first, that way you can build up a bio when it comes time to find an agent; if an agent (or publisher) sees that you've gotten the approval of various editors of very good magazines, you will be taken more seriously. Go to Dustbooks.com and order THE INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY OF LITERARY MAGAZINES AND SMALL PRESSES (I don't think I got the title exactly right, but it's something like that). Definitely get a copy of WRITER'S MARKET, it will help answer many of the questions you have.
    best of luck,
    Mike D. Wilson

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