This is from Ms. Moens at NF "publihing" who asks you to send her 150 euros to proofread and edit your work.
Note the link to "publihsing" in her recent post and this excerpt: "...amd my business is legit."
This woman has no background in publishing and uses P.A. to publish work.

"For the rest, no I don't have a publihing background. However, I don't think I should have to defend myself. I do know what I'm doing, amd my business is legit. I'm a member of the guild of printers in Belgium, of which I have an official registration number, as will be shown in the books that are published. I also work with agents and PR people.

The link is:"

This speaks for itself, but newbies who want so badly to be published may be taken in by this scam artist. Be warned.