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Thread: Anonymity

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    ryan anschauung


    I'm not trying to write a book here on WN, but here is another question that I would like feedback on.

    What are my chances of publishing my book and staying anonymous? Can an author choose to use a pseudonym to write under and reveal his or her true identity only to the publishing house, agent, editor etc, but not the general public?

    Ryan from Australia

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    Re: Anonymity

    Yes. Query under your real name. Raise the nom de plume issue after you land an agent.

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    ryan anschauung

    Re: Anonymity

    Thank you very much Jayce.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Anonymity

    In most cases, a writer reaches for a pseudonym as part of the "romance" of writing, & not for any good reason whatever. Writing under an assumed name simply militates against the creator's ability to self-market as effectively. I'd recommend that you (anyone, actually) look carefully at this before even asking about it -- but, as has been stated, first get your manuscript sold.

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