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Thread: too many words

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    Katharina Stegen

    Re: too many words

    Or the other "KISS" version - "Keep it short, stupid"!

    Well, the problem when writing such a long story tends to be that 30-50% are simply unnecessary. I once wrote a 285,000 word novel and ended up realizing that almost half of it didn't have to do anything with the actual plot. Of course, they someone served the story, but with a few changes it could be kicked out. I realized that a lot of "trash" had accumulated through meaningless subplots. They were nice and meaningful and stories in the story somehow relate to the story, but "somehow" isn't "really".

    I'm just assuming that you might have a lot of scenes, chapters, even subplots etc. that aren't really close to the actual story. Check it out and maybe it'll be easier to decide what can be left out.

    Good luck,


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    grace ~

    Re: too many words

    The problem isnt the story and the time to read it, it's the space that book would take up on the shelves at the bookstores... especially first time writers, they just dont have that space to allot to you!

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