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Thread: Everything??

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    Sean McCaw


    Hi everyone. I have a question about sending my manuscript to a literary agent. I have finally found someone that is willing to shop my book and I am doing my final editing process now. My question is this: Should I add everthing such as my "Acknowledement list" and things of that nature, or just the actual content of my book? Thanks

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    Frank Baron

    Re: Everything??

    Just what's germane to the story. Save the acknowledgements etc. for when you've found a publisher.

    I hope the agent you've found doesn't charge any upfront fees. If s/he does, find one who doesn't.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Everything??

    Second what Frank said.

    How did you find your agent? (Congratulations, by the way.)

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    Re: Everything??

    Yeah, I'm a little nervous about the way you're describing the agent, too. Please be sure it isn't a scam before you send your full manuscript.

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    Steve S

    Re: Everything??

    When the day comes, i'm going to buy a copy of that Writers & Artist year book. It's ment to be superb!!

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