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    Justin Case

    Are men able to write erotic romance novels?

    Are men capable of writing erotic books? Are they allowed to do so? I\'m curious.

    I recently thought it might be fun to try my hand at erotic literature. Unfortunately, it seems like all the romance novel authors out there have women\'s names, even the ones who write like I would. So I figured I\'d better ask first before I go spending a few months of my life churning out a manuscript.

    Publishers: do men *ever* submit romance novels? Are such efforts rejected on principle, or do you force the man to use a feminine pen name in order to get published? Is there simply no market for a trashy romance novel written by a guy of the male gender? Or are such books simply relabled as \"thrillers\" or \"mysteries\" in order to attract a different market?

    Writers: Are there any men out there who have tried to get a romance novel published? Did you encounter resistance? Have any of you ever needed to use a feminine pseudonym in order to get a romance novel published? (PM me if you don\'t want the world to know, lol.)

    Readers: Is there any such thing as a romance novel written by a guy? Do such authors exist? If so, do you find them unrealistic or inferior to romance novels written by women? Would you pick up such a book? Would your expectations be higher than if the same book were written by a woman?

    Any replies to this thread would be most appreciated. The sooner, the better. Thanks.

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    Garrett Hutson

    Re: Are men able to write erotic romance novels?

    I don't know anything much about romance novels, but I do believe there is a big difference between "erotic literature" and romance novels. I've seen erotic books on the shelves at the bookstore, and I never go into the "Romance" section.

    Someone more expert in genres can probably give more details. My suggestion would be to look around a Borders' or a Barnes & Noble for a while.

    Good luck!

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    Angel Kemory

    Re: Are men able to write erotic romance novels?

    Why not? My best (and most convincing) writing is the POV of a little hot-head teenage boy with raging (and often troubling) hormones.

    Oh, did I mention I'm a sweet little housewife with three kids?

    I think if it feels natural for you to write romance or erotica, then go for it!


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    Danielle Bailey

    Re: Are men able to write erotic romance novels?

    http://www.literotica.com - there are, I believe, far more men writing erotica than women.

    As with the differences in men and women, there are major differences in erotica and romance novels. You're writing to different audiences for one thing.

    Now, are there male romance novel writers? Yes. Though I can't remember their names, there's one hubby and wife team that have done well.

    Best wishes,

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Are men able to write erotic romance novels?

    According to my ancient (1990) copy of How to Write a Romance and Get It Published, many men have written romance, generally under a pseudonym, & often with a partner.

    The author lists 41 male writers -- including Dean Koontz (Leigh Nichols), Charles Grant (Debrah Lewis & Felicia Andrews), & Ron Goulart (Jill Kearny) -- & 16 pseudonymous couples that are half-male.

    I also have it on good authority that more than a few established authors of lesbian porn are heterosexual males.

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    Justin Case

    Re: Are men able to write erotic romance novels?

    Well, yeah, BAD lesbian porn!

    I was surprised to see you list Koontz as an erotic romance novellist. I always thought of him as more thriller/suspense/mystery/whatever the heck you call it when private investigators do various things in a big city. Then again, my exposure to most of these authors consists of skimming the backs of dust jackets. I suppose the genre is broader and looser defined than I expected. Also there is probabaly a lot more room for mediocre body-part-driven works that only pornographic movie-watchers (I.E. men) would pick up and read.

    I guess I'll check out your book from my local library, then travel back in time to 1990 in my trusty DeLorean so that the info in it becomes relevant.


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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Are men able to write erotic romance novels?

    Got news for you: a lot of erotica written by women, of whatever personal proclivities & practices, is crap.

    It's a genre: thrashing around as many authors do, someone stumbles into a set of conventions that's claimed/ spotted/ structured by someone else as A Potential Market, then that new genre gets swamped by first-generation readers who decide to plow the same field (witness "fan" writing spinning off from television shows). The genre becomes a bubble, as publishers base next year's schedule on last year's demand. Suddenly someone notices that 90% of the genre's titles are being returned by retailers. Marginal entries are killed in production, a few great examples are rushed to print, memos go out DON'T BUY ANY MORE OF THIS STUFF, PERIOD.

    Anyway, hey there hey JC, you asked whether men are "capable," kinda definitely asking for past or present examples -- if you need a time-machine to apply an answer, then you probably also need at least a hundred hours of education before you have half a hope of being a writer, because you're clearly lacking in imagination & likely creativity. Go pretend to be a writer for a few minutes & do your own research, rather than asking questions of strangers.

    And then, back at the beginning, you went on to conflate "erotica" with "romance." When you shoot yourself in the ass, at least don't sark at others for trying to answer your question as though you were reasonably intelligent, 'kay?

    Kudos for wanting to write erotica without a clue, but you should either get some experience or do a lot more reading.

    (FWIW, "Justin Case" & "Justin Tyme" are the names of out-call "escort" services.)

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    Jim Mill

    Re: Are men able to write erotic romance novels?

    Check out the following authors at www.asstr.org

    Uther Pendragon
    Frank Downey
    Rev. Cotton Mather
    Nick Scipio

    Just a handful of really good writers of erotica (though, admittedly, the genre is rife with hacks, and the good ones sometimes can be difficult to find) who write and post their works for all to enjoy.

    And, yes, romance and erotica are twins of different mothers. Neither has to be trashy, nor smutty, even though they both often are to be found that way.

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    Maggie May Schill

    Re: Are men able to write erotic romance novels?

    The question should be is ANYONE able to write them?

    Over all they aren't that good.

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