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Thread: $$ to blog

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    June Mason

    $$ to blog


    We like to give our point of view, why not get paid for it?

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    Billy B

    Re: $$ to blog

    Ask Sak.

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    June Mason

    Re: $$ to blog

    From what I gather, Sak is very busy typing up jewerly descriptions.

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    K. Rivello

    Re: $$ to blog

    I'm confused? Is this for real? And who pays who?

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    Re: $$ to blog

    My goodness. I know, clicking on that link would be excrutiatingly hard.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: $$ to blog

    It's an interesting idea. All it'll take is ad sales, & plenty of "eyeball" traffic to convince advertisers to pony up.

    Then again, the "eyeball" model collapsed about five years ago as a viable way to move advertising. Maybe they can pull it off -- dunno.

    On the other other hand, writers (beginning or established) could do worse than to congregate around a single blogsite, which means they might draw not only others' fans but create a sense of camaraderie.

    Don't go into it expecting to make any money -- experience says that you'll be lucky if the site doesn't simply close in a year or two, & even if you're owed big bucks, good luck collecting. But as a way to get your brain unclogged, & hang out with writers & readers, you could certainly do worse.

    I figure that, since WN is all about writing, & most writing requires not only research but a keenly tuned cr@p-detector, they'll look before they leap...

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