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Thread: Vanguard Press

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    Harry Downey

    Vanguard Press


    I have just had a reply from a publisher -Elliot Mackenzie of Cambridge UK. I submitted a collection of short stories to them. The response is that they could be published under their Vanguard Press imprint on the basis of a contract to which I would contribute. I know what the general feeling is on these pages re authors paying for publication but I would like to learn if anyone out there has had dealings with these people or knows anything about them. All comments welcome.



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    Alan Smith

    Re: Vanguard Press

    Be very careful Harry. I don't know anything about elliot mackenzie, but a company called phoenix press has been making similar offers linked to Vanguard press. VP are a vanity publisher, you pay to be published. If you look on here, you will see many comments regarding this practice. I will, however see if i can found out more about EM.

    It's a jungle out there. Regards. Alan.

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    Alan Smith

    Re: Vanguard Press

    aaah! tracked down Elliot Mackenzie website. See they are linked with| Pegasus | Vanguard | Chimera | Nightingale...all of which are presumably prepared to publish pretty much anything for money. Regards, Alan.

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    Jackie Kessler

    Re: Vanguard Press

    Harry, a question: Once you get your book published, how will you market it? Distribute it? Warehouse it? How will you take orders for it? Remember, you would not just be paying to have your book printed. You would then be solely responsible for getting it out in the marketplace.

    Best of luck,

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    Mya Bell

    Re: Vanguard Press


    There are three main options:

    1. Get published by a traditional press and they pay you advances and royalties on sales to the public. They help you market the book and you do maybe 10% of the marketing yourself.

    2. Get published by a subsidy/vanity press and they charge you for design, editing, and printing (that's what the fees are for) and you get royalties of about 10-15% on each sale. You do 99% of the marketing yourself.

    3. Self-publish and you pay for design, editing, and printing and get 100% of the royalties on each sale. You do 100% of the marketing yourself.

    --- Mya Bell

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    tippy carver

    Re: Vanguard Press

    Good points about distribution - B&N lists several vanity publishers they won't stock in their stores and I believe Vanguard is one of them. Check out B&N author's marketing packages for details.

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    Harry Downey

    Re: Vanguard Press

    Thanks to you all. Everything that you have said helps to confirm my initial thoughts so nothing is changed. I think the answer is to come back as a celeb in my next life - they donīt seem to have any problems. So itīs back to plan B.

    Thanks again fellow scribblers.


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    Jun 2014
    I have just been offered for my novel to be published with them, if I stump up Ģ2600 first. As I have Ģ30 in the bank this is not an option even if I thought it was a good idea.

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