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    Robert Raven

    Re: Proposed useful new verb


    If I'm wrong on this, mea culpa. I heard this story elsewhere, on a TV program some years ago (yeah, not the best source, I realize). Acceding to your possible greater knowledge, and not being sarcastic or challenging, I'm interested in your source.

    And maybe we'll find out that Harding WASN'T the most inarticulate President of the last 100 years (can you pronounce "nuclear"?).


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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Proposed useful new verb

    RR: (I know I sound like a broken record on this, but few seem to get the point.) My source is Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary, the dictionary of choice of U.S. publishing. Webster's gives a year the word was coined into English (in parenthesis just behind the pronunciation and derivation notes) for words it has such records on.

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    Re: Proposed useful new verb

    Also a 'burr in my saddle' - Here's a hint on the pronunciation ... there's only ONE 'U' in the word.

    (Thanks, Robert)

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    Just Me

    Re: Proposed useful new verb

    My pet peeve is people who write: "he stood six foot two." It's feet, not foot. You have one foot, two feet...three feet and so on. The "two" thing isn't any better. Two WHAT??? Do you think everyone uses inches? Canada and the UK do not. Those are rather large, English-speaking markets to be snubbing your nose at, in my opinion.

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