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    Ed Potter

    "Advise" = verb ~~ "Advice" = noun

    Personal pet peeve. Like using "loose" when you mean "lose."

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    Marlys Pearson

    Re: "Advise" = verb ~~ "Advice" = noun

    There, their, they're, Ed! It's not as bad as misplacing its apostrophe, is it?

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: "Advise" = verb ~~ "Advice" = noun

    Marlys: It must be. I see a lot of proficient people slip occasionally on its/it's, so there must be a simple mechanical problem with that; when I see the misuse of advise/advice (which, interestingly enough is still happening on this forum even after Ed's reminder), it usually points to a more basic lack of training.

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    Re: "Advise" = verb ~~ "Advice" = noun

    Did I mix the two up? I just looked over my posts again.

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    Re: "Advise" = verb ~~ "Advice" = noun

    Or maybe an ingrained typo? I invariably type exersize the first time, and then have to go back and change it to exercise. I'm sure I must miss a few of those, especially in quickly written emails. Maybe someone is just stuck with advise as their default spelling and forgot to change it as necessary?


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    Gary Kessler

    Re: "Advise" = verb ~~ "Advice" = noun

    Steve: I didn't see it in your posts, as I recall--but I wasn't reading them too closely.

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    Robert Raven

    Re: "Advise" = verb ~~ "Advice" = noun

    And thus, illustrated once again, the Achilles heel of the spell-checker. I have a major typographical problem with the simple two-word combination "to the", which nine times out of ten gets typed as "tot he", and the checker thinks that's just fine. So I've got in the habit of doing a global search-and-replace for this one, along with several others. I keep a running list, and it grows constantly.


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    Santosh Maithani

    Re: "Advise" = verb ~~ "Advice" = noun

    Hi All,
    M a new entry into the world of writing....


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    'Advice and consent' and other foibles.and fumbles.

    Note that a person who will advise you will give you advice but advice can't give you anything. One might be ill-advised, which suggests that they took advice from the wrong advisor, but my advice is to choose your advisors carefully and then you will never take bad advice.


    Now, as to Robert's problem of 'tot he' and other spell-o-graphic nightmares ... take this under advisement. Try entering the faux pas into the auto-correct mechanism in your word processing software. It has been a Godsend for me. When I find myself regularly misspelling certain words (for instance the city of Louisville always seems to want to come out Lousiville. Typographical error or Freudian slip?), I add them to my auto-correct list. Thereafter, when I misspell that same word, the system corrects it for me as I go. Try this on that problem of yours and it should get that little tot under control.

    Shalom and best wishes of the season to all.

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    Zarina ND

    Re: 'Advice and consent' and other foibles.and fumbles.

    I met a girl at a party who bragged about how good she was at Scrabble and how much the game has improved her spelling and grammar. She talked about the proper use of "it's" vs "its." She said: "It's is short for it is and its is a possessive pronoun [/adjective]."

    So far, so good...

    "For example,
    'It's cold today' should have the apostrophe...
    'Its her purse' shouldn't."

    And off Zarina went to get another drink.

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