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    Marcus Aurelius

    Re: S.T. Literary Agency --ATTENTION MODERATOR

    My unpublished novel is copyrighted. James MacDonald is right, it only costs thirty bucks, and is very easy to do.
    (Don't put it on your submitted work to agents or publishers, it looks hokey!)

    ST Literary MUST Be Destroyed!

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    James Macdonald

    Re: S.T. Literary Agency --ATTENTION MODERATOR

    I don't necessarily recommend copyrighting an unpublished novel. It's just that if the question is giving you sleepless nights, gettinga genuine registered copyright it is cheap and easy.

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    B.S D.

    Re: S.T. Literary Agency --ATTENTION MODERATOR

    Oh, this is hysterical. All of those words; they mean nothing.

    The man can't name any "agents" he has on staff, and yet claims that all manuscripts go through a "top-level evaluation." His only "sales" are to publishers who will publish a story written by a chimpanzee with a box of Crayola. He accepts anyone who submits. He sends the same form letter when "accepted" and tosses the manuscript at Publish America or some such place. Sometimes, that doesn't even happen.

    No agent listing. No sales. No clients, when contacted, will respond...except when prompted by Fletcher. Nothing but scorn from true professionals in the industry. No office (the address he provided to writers was confirmed as a residential home). Nothing but a $129 fee, gathered from hundreds of writers, and nothing to show for it. Nothing, nothing, nothing. He's surrounded by nothing but his own BS.

    Defamatory? Heh...I can't BELIEVE some people are this shameless.

    P.S. Will anybody attend the BookExpo America in Chicago on June 5th? Supposedly, ST Literary will be exhibiting there. Maybe somebody should try to confirm that with their organization.

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    Joe Zeff

    Re: S.T. Literary Agency --ATTENTION MODERATOR

    I just found this site, and joined up. I too was on the edge of being taken in by this scam, but learned better. I just wanted to note that those "testimonials" mean nothing; it's easy to write them and there's no reason at this point to believe that any of them are real. In fact, I'd just about bet they're fake, but I can't prove it. Has anybody tried to get in contact with any of the people listed and find out if they're real?

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    Tracker O'Gryphon

    Re: S.T. Literary Agency --ATTENTION MODERATOR

    I to was swindled by these so called \"literary agents\". They are not literary agents at all. All of the office staff have been skiptraced by myself and my co-author. They are based in Florida now after being kicked out of Washington State after a large court battle in which they were fined 3 million dollars in a class action suit. This is fact. I am sure it is not new news. Thats why they moved to Florida in 2004. I sure would like to see our first book being sold over seas. I did self copyright to the Federal Government. We sent them four hundred poems upon their request for the manuscript and would love to see the FBI nail them. If there is a Federal class action suit against them, I definatly want to be a part of it. State lawsuits don't bother them because they just close their doors and move.

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    Mary Brodeur

    Re: S.T. Literary Agency --ATTENTION MODERATOR

    I am new here and just finished my first worthy novel. I am currently working on my second. The New York Literary Agency has accepted me. "And for just the small fee of $79 dollars, will critique my work and edit" no thanks I say. My work is mine. My style is mine. I don't need Robert Fletcher to tell me to send money in that should be rolling my way, if in fact he is so impressed as his lame unprofessional email states to me. Thank You all for alerting us to these bottom feeders out there. I personally think that this "Guy" is nuttier than a can of planters. I plan to check in with all you from now on to possibly get the 411 on other such "Agencies".

    Mary --Author of Unlean Blood--The Elixir of Death
    Those Within

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