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    Molly B.

    Re: The Auction

    Here's something interesting, kids. If you try to go to the site today, it's no longer available. O records found... Get out while the gettin' is good.

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    The Original Ghostie

    I caught this show quite some time ago before Tommy posted here. A writer friend sent it to me since she writes fiction about ghosties. Tommy apparently acquired an old jar somewhere. His other auctions suggest he buys odd old stuff and sells it on Ebay with fair regularity. Maybe he haunts estate sales -- whooooooo knows?

    Anyway, he got this jar. Now, either it came filled with black-and-red wax or he filled it with such. And the jar is painted with various weird letters and aimless marks. The tale told on ebay was that Tommy dug it up while treasure hunting in the foundation of what he believed was an old church. In theory, there were two of these mysterious jars and a tattered (but readable -- wow) journal buried in the ground...in a wooden box. The box had rotted...perhaps magic saved the journal?

    So, Tommy, in fetching up this stuff, broke one jar. A mysterious black...mist or some such...floats up from the jar and from then on Tommy's life has been plagued by this ghostie. Twenty years (During which time he has kept the ghostie jar really really clean). Unfortunately, Tommy hasn't read enough in the ghostie genre to give any actual haunt details beyond vague "something attacked me" references -- his cat maybe? The poor fella tried burying the jar again -- still haunted. Then...in the tattered pages of the journal, he learned that if he gave/sold the intact jar, the loose ghostie would go with it.

    Thus...ebay got the "ghost in the jar" auction. Complete with clear color photos of the jar (that could be "supersized") and mysterious black-and-white photos of a graveyard in the woods, complete with double exposed ghosts! These could not be supersized for examination. He started the bidding at $99 (as I remember) to keep the bidders down to only serious students of the occult (the ones laughing hysterically, I suppose -- the ghostie message boards had a huge laugh over this one).

    The ghostie jar became a popular internet joke with the URL passed around (much like my friend's auction of his family). It attracted pranksters bidding huge amounts with newly set up ebay accounts. When it sold, virtually none of the bidders were real and they vanished like...well, like ghosts, I suppose.

    Last I saw, he was selling "Ghost in a Jar" business cards. BUSINESS CARDS for $5 each and apparently some folks are actually buying them. He has $1000 so if he sells them all, he should make the money he originally hoped for from the jar of wax.

    Tommy just doesn't have enough history in hokum to a real book -- maybe a magazine article. I am not surprised he got invitations to do interviews, the folks want to get him on the air and continue the joke. But, the hooha will die down long long before a movie deal has a chance...it was hugely entertaining but I doubt it has staying power. That's my prediction, anyway.


    [Who has been published...really]

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: The Original Ghostie

    What I thought strange was that despite all the hoopla and skepticism Tommy must have faced from the media and others thus far, he got so bent out of shape when he encountered similar reactions here on the board.

    We may be a mix of published and unpublished writers, but we ALL know a good writer needs a thick skin!

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: The Original Ghostie

    And shouldn't we fell honored he visited us--and felt comfortable enough to let us get to know the real Tommy?

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    Bly Oxford

    Re: The Original Ghostie

    Hey! I just thought of something. Could Tommy be the thirteenth reincarnation of the "You-know-who" who tried every conceivable trick to make people believe he is an agent, but has finally given up and has now captured the ghost from Arizona in a jar?

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    Marie Ohmy

    Re: ebay trick 'n treats

    gee, i'm gone for just a little while and come back to find the place haunted! :O

    i know nothing about 'ghost in a jar' and found nothing about it on ebay. i did, however, purchase a lovely set of Japanese block prints which go nicely with my quilted moosehead.

    saludos a todos,

    m xx

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    M T

    Re: ebay trick 'n treats

    BTW, the ghost in a jar that Molly is talking about is a copycat. Some person thought they might cash in on the original and was offering a jar with some stuff (looked like some kind of cloth and maybe some ribbons, perhaps somes pretty buttons....) the jar was decorated with more ribbons with little hearts attached. Their story was that a ghost had left it on their doorstep.The copycat put a disclaimer in their ad. saying that they are 'not the other ghost in a jar' I saw this ad first, then kept clicking and eventually arrived at the "real" ghost in a jar. What a crock.

    P.S. does anyone remember 'pet rocks'?

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    Roy Abrahams

    Pet Rocks

    M.T. ....... Yes, I remember the Pet Rocks. I had two; a male and a female. The trouble I had with them when reproducing time came! I gravelled our front yard, our back yard, then began selling to private contractors. Eventually, I was hauled into court and had to defend myself against charges of violating some laws hastily made up by legislators paid off to protect the interests of a Sand and Gravel operation owned by the Mafia.

    As for this story? I think it could be called my pet crock.

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    Molly B.

    Re: Ghostly sham


    I thought I was missing something, especially when Granny described the story from her POV. Now it makes more sense...


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    Lisa Werth

    Gary, did you see Marie's post!

    What a hoot!

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