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    A. L. Gerard

    Alternate approaches

    I have recently begun the first round of my querying process. The first ones went out this weekend. No doubt, very soon, my mailbox will become my enemy

    Anyway, I could have gone two ways in presenting my work, but I chose the one I feel has the best chance of getting an agent’s attention. But once the rejections start flowing in and it becomes obvious I made a mistake in my choice (!!!) could I resubmit the same novel to the agents on my “dream” list, but use the alternate approach? There would probably be at least six months between the submissions, and the way I figure it, the really good agencies are so bombarded with queries, it’s unlikely they’d remember something they rejected from an unpublished nobody (i.e., Me) months before.

    Whaddya think?

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Alternate approaches

    If it comes to that, why don't you try it and let us know how the second round idea went? Worse they can do is say no again.

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    Re: Alternate approaches

    I agree with Gary-- query away. Perhaps another teenage intern will reject you this time
    I recently parted with my agent, and sent off a "not quite query" e-mail to the first agent who had ever rejected me. She requested a full manuscript ten hours later. I swear that I didn't even send a query. Basically, I reminded her who I was, included three blurbs on my writing and ended with a paragraph summary of the new novel. I thought it was a shot in the dark, but apparently not. You never know what will happen if you send out a new batch of queries. Perhaps you'll secure an agent the second time around because the project will feel familiar to them. And, the way I'm reading it, you haven't even been rejected yet! Try some optimism on for size. It might suit you, and, who knows, an agent could call you and request a partial any day now.
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