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    "For hire" editors?

    What is the general consensus of using 'for hire' editors such as those who advertise in the back of Writer's Digest magazine (for example)? Particularly in the case of a first novel.

    I plan on editing myself to whatever degree I am capable, but I would also like to have at least one other person (preferably someone with a flair for editing) sweep through the manuscript before I query anywhere.

    At upwards of $2/pg it could get expensive depending on the length of the MS. (I know, I know, someone will say that's the price you pay if you want someting done well.)

    Has anyone ever offered to pay a college student to edit their MS as a way of accomplishing this but maybe at a lower cost?

    Or have you paid someone to edit a shorter sample and tried to apply what they did to the rest of the MS?

    What do most of you do, when you think it's time for an editor step in?

    I am very curious

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    Russ Still

    Re: "For hire" editors?

    I paid 2 "professional" editors located thru this website to do a run-thru of the first 12,000 words of a ms I'm working on. One charged $60, one charged $90. I also did a trade with one of the author/members on here. That gave me three critiques, all different but useful. I got some valuable tips and also thanks to the member, solved a chronic problem I've had. I think I'll be able to use what I learned from these three critques through the rest of the project.

    Since my three previous books were non-fiction, this one, my first try at fiction, was considerably helped by having these outsiders go thru it at an early stage.

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    Robert Fantina

    Re: "For hire" editors?

    I'm currently having my first novel reviewed by a published novelist. He's charging me $2.00/page, but I'm getting some good feedback. Since he recently had his first novel published, after quite a bit of success with short stories, I feel he knows the market better than I do and can give me good advice. He's certainly providing me what no college student could.

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    Brady Boyd

    Re: "For hire" editors?

    I've had good luck with the chapter swap process with other authors. Never paid for editing, however, so I can't compare.

    Brady Boyd

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