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    Time Out For Brian


    I've had enough of the snide remarks. I am asking you to take a month's timeout to consider whether you can respect my efforts to keep the peace around here and raise your tone above that of a petulant schoolboy.

    I will be forced to block your access if you can't respect this request.

    As I said in response to Matt's original post, "it's about behavior."


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    Richard Fulgham

    Re: Time Out For Brian

    Epstein doesn't count. That's why he's mad. Nothing he says had any relevance to writing until he tells us what he himself has published. Hey -- I'm ask him! RLF

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    Glen T. Brock

    Re:Time to pay the bills

    Hi Folks,

    It has occurred to me that there is a big hue and cry about Ms. Crispen writting Star Wars and Star Trek novels, the implication being these are somehow beneath the dignity of a famous writer to demean themselves writting such base pabulum. Louis Lamour wrote Hopalong Cassidy novels. I would welcome the opportunity to work as a writer for hire. You got to eat--I got to eat...

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    Re:Time to pay the bills

    Merry Christmas, Hamish.

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    Re:Time to pay the bills

    I only accept tie-in projects for universes that I really like. I was a Star Trek and Star Wars fan for decades before I wrote in those universes.

    I've turned down quite lucrative tie-in projects because I didn't like the show or film in question...and thus knew I couldn't work in that universe with sympatico, the way I can in one I really like.

    I don't know if that makes me more or less despicable.


    -Ann C. Crispin

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    Brian H

    Re:Time to pay the bills

    I don't personally see anything diminutive about writing in an established series, Ann. I mean, referring to the ones you have decided to do.

    Can't see the difference, really, between a series tie-in versus a sequel done by the original author, for example.

    It always starts with a stack of blank pages, and the job doesn't get any easier just because you have some 'established' characters to work with. In fact, I would think it might be even more challenging to have to go beyond what is already known about a well established character, than it was for the character's original author to make him up, 'no holds barred', kind of thing.

    Turning down a lucrative opportunity because you didn't feel right about it, to me, speaks of a certain level of artistic integrity that certainly earns my respect, and warrants the same from others.


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    Brian H

    Re:Time to pay the bills

    I think it says a lot on the positive side about you, Ann, when you turn down a lucrative opportunity because it doesn't feel right with you. I'd have to call it artistic integrity.

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    Brian H

    Re:Time to pay the bills

    I think it's admirable that you would pass on a lucrative opportunity because of inner reasons.

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    F Walter

    Re:Time to pay the bills

    Just thought I'd let you know Ann that whilst I may not read much in the way of sc-fi I am a bit of a trekkie and a starwars fan so personally I think it makes you sound fabulous.

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    Neal P.

    Re:Time to pay the bills

    i have said this before, i just dont understand the negative attitude towards someone that writes in a pre-generated invironment (such as star trek). i would think doing such would be considerably harder than creating something new. after all you have to be able to mimic someone elses style, perfectly, to get away with it. not an easy task by any means. what ann does, doesnt show a lack of talent, quite the contrairy, it shows talent most cannot accomplish. i would bet a considerable amount of money that the people that have shown distaste for this particular avenue of creation, could not even come close to accomplishing it themselves. and if they cant, then i guess their seemingly intense hatred for it is totally unfounded, and would more closely resemble jealousy instead.

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