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Thread: Greetings

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    Dwight Wild-Stephenson


    Hello i am an unpublished writer, writing from the UK, just found this site - hope to gain acceptance with in your (our?)community!

    I write mainly with in the crime/mystery genre, although i do dable in science fiction and poetry from time to time.

    Anyhow, warm greetings to all,


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    Mc Harris

    Re: Greetings

    Greeting to you too!

    This is an active forum full of conversation and ideas and HELP...... I myself am still fairly new here and have found answers to some of my questions.

    Welome, come in, sit down and enjoy...............


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    Judy Greer

    Re: Greetings

    Howdy, Dwight from West Texas and welcome. I linger often, post sometimes, and listen always. Already the wealth of information and help I've recieved is overwhelming, the warmth of all the faceless writers out there is heartening.
    Enjoy and nice to meet 'cha.


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    Tara Staley

    Re: Greetings

    Welcome aboard! You'll find this site so helpful (and entertaining!) I'm interested that you're in the UK --I've thought about sending my manuscript there (it's set in Anglo-Saxon England).

    We look forward to posting with you,

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    Pamela Taylor

    Re: Greetings

    Hi Dwight and Welcome! Your genres remind me of one of my favorite authors, Sherri Tepper. (I forget under what psuedonym she writes mystery.) Hope you have as much success as she does!


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    pat brogan

    Re: Greetings

    welcome and good luck!

    pat brogan

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: Greetings

    Welcome, kind sir, what part of the kingdom do you fair. We have but many of your kind here, ah but one is from the fair isle of Wales. Do you know of her sir. Picture of Book. If not please partake of her company on the writers craft board.
    welcome to the writers forum.

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    Ron Starkey

    Re: Greetings


    Welcome to our town. Not only are you likely to learn some important things about writing here, but there's a good chance we will be learning something from you, too.


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    Sis Bauman

    Re: Greetings

    Welcome from Sis. You'll like us. We're a good thing!

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    Picture Book

    Re: Greetings

    Not Wales entirely.....Yvonne of Oots.....moved hither & thither & round and about and all over Grt Britain

    Hi Dwight! Welcome!

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