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    Fiona Juan

    Re: Still No Answers

    Brad, why don't you just email the guy? no doubt, he lost your query amongst all flailing claws..

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    Nellie Butler

    Re: Still No Answers

    Maybe he figured the people of this board weren't worth the headache he was getting. If he is legitimate, who can blame him from cutting his losses and moving on--especially when the insults started getting directed toward him, and his business was forgotten/ignored.
    Just something to think about:
    How will it feel to find out he is the real deal?
    Any regrets, then?

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    Roy Abrahams

    For Fiona & Nellie

    Fiona......you make three very good points:

    "...publishers who post requests for work should not be ripped to shreds before a check is done." In this, I agree with finality.

    "Why must there be a full scale debate on an issue that can be simply resolved..." Answer: Because seeing one's diatribes printed in public gives one a sense of accomplishment?

    "...no doubt, he lost your (Brad M per above) query amongst all the flailing claws" Perhaps by the time that string of questions came down, Mr. Silas had astutely recognized the futility of answering superciliously phrased questions...... "Now, Mr. Silas, just relax in that chair while we turn on this flood lamp above you and get out our rubber truncheons. Vee do haff vays uf making you tock."

    Nellie: You ask "How will it feel to find out he is the real deal?" Answer: Mr. Silas is getting from me what he requested in his lucid, initial post. I'll let you know when I find out.

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    Re: For Fiona & Nellie

    Guilty to both

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    Robin Blue

    Re: For Fiona & Nellie

    I just read this entire thread. I just have to say that I forgot what I was thinking when I started laughing at Roy's comment. Mental Masturbation... That was a good one


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    Neal P.

    Re: For Fiona & Nellie

    according to playboy: 98% of all men admit to mental masturbation, the other 2% lied.

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    Neal P.

    mental note: check subject BEFORE HITTING ENTER!!!!


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    Informed Skeptic

    Re: mental note: check subject BEFORE HITTING ENTER!!!!

    Here are some questions for Breen Straw, if they wouldn't mind answering. They may seem picky, but anyone thinking of hooking up with a new small publisher needs to know these things. Small publishers don't always plan as well as they should and go out of business within a year or two, and it can be a major hassle for writers whose rights are tied up with them. This has nothing to do with the whole scam discussion, by the way--this is about expertise and business planning.

    - What kind of publishing experience have you had before?

    - Do you have a formal business plan, and if so, what's your projected break-even point? (Any small publisher will operate at a loss initially, but needs to have a plan to transition into profitability, with a target date for doing so.)

    - Who exactly are the "major book distributors" you have a relationship with?

    - If in fact these are wholesalers (a company such as Ingram, that provides ordering and fulfillment services for bookstores but doesn't do any marketing), what do you plan to do to establish a relationship with a distributor (a company such as Words Distributing, which provides ordering and fulfillment services plus a sales staff to market the books of the publishers it represents)?

    - If you don't plan to establish a relationship with a distributor, what are your plans for getting physical bookstores to carry your books?

    - If you don't have a plan for getting physical bookstores to carry your books, how do you intend to generate enough sales to offset your expenses and eventually become profitable?

    - Do you have a returns policy?

    - What discounts will you give to bookstores?

    - Do you plan to use offset or digital printing?

    - What will your average print run be?

    Thank you very much.

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    Roy Abrahams

    To Informed Sceptic

    Great questions nicely worded. Too bad this post wasn't the second one in this string; what a lot of unnecessary flak it would have prevented. Thank you, Sceptic, for showing us the proper way of responding to a person we should appreciate for coming in with a call for submissions. I'm sure Mr. Silas will be glad to answer your questions. Also, he will undoubtedly welcome anything you might send him.


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