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    Breen Straw Publishing

    Looking For Manuscripts

    Breen Straw Publishing is accepting manuscripts from unpublished writers. Completed works only, please. No biographies or (ugh) autobiographies. We are NOT a vanity publisher or a contest. We don't want your money - just your best writing. You may contact us with a synopsis of the book and your take on its marketability at dsilas29@optonline.net. DO NOT SEND COMPLETED MANUSCRIPTS AT THIS TIME. Thank you.

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    Eric Mettenich

    Re: Looking For Manuscripts

    Some additional information about yourselves/yourself would probably be a good idea. We get so many posts like this on this forum and sad to tell many turn out to be traps for the unwary.

    The Forbidden Plum Experiment is a point in case.

    If you are not charging an upfront fee, trying to make money by posting our work on a website, or offering editing services (no matter how 'well-priced') then it would be advisable to say so from the outset.

    Have you a website? where are you locaated? who are the pricipals in your organisation and what is their background? are you or do you intend to affiliate yourelf/yourseves with reputable organisations who subscribe to a set of ethics?

    Setting out all these details will save everyone a lot of time, effort and angst. These are important things in a writers life (as you ought to know) particularly the angst factor.

    So Mr Breen and Mrs Straw (or vice versa or none of the above) tell all. Elucidate and illuminate the hordes of eager writers (i.e. the market you want to tap into) as to your competencies and the validity of your enterprise.
    (This writing sample has been supplied free of charge ;{)>


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    Robin Blue

    Re: Looking For Manuscripts

    Thanks Eric!

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    Scam Publishing

    Re: Looking For Manuscripts

    Scam Publishing is also currently looking for manuscripts. We only charge $2 a page to read your manuscript and $5,000 to publish it. Please send your manuscript along with a credit card number and expiration date.

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    Robin Blue

    Re: Looking For Manuscripts

    LMAO !!!

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    Neal P.

    scam publishing testimonial:


    i tried scam publishing. they were very nice. they use state of the art glasses to read your work. they are so good, they didnt even open the envelope containing my manuscript and instantly knew it was going to be a best seller. they even had a booksigning deal set up in two egg, california and only wanted an extra $12,000 for it (the information on how to get to two egg was only $10.95). if you are looking for a way to get published and have been turned down by those other guys, try scam publishing. i did and now i am famous...

    charles manson

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    Breen Straw Publishing

    Re: scam publishing testimonial:

    For the record, Breen Straw is not a scam. We have established relationships with major book distributors and promoters. We're not into e-books, contests, reading fees, etc. We have never AND WILL NEVER ask a writer to "co-sponsor" publishing or distribution costs, or any other costs.

    I'm amazed by the hostility. Is it a reaction to being burnt in the past, or an excuse for giving up? Here's my advice to you:

    1. Don't give up. It's a very difficult game, but it's not rigged.

    2. Don't look down your nose at small publishers. Waiting for Random House to knock on your door is a pipe dream. As the various media industries continue to consolidate, it will become more and more difficult for "outsiders" to break in with the industry leaders. Corporations like low risk, certain return activities...and reading the work of unpublished authors is quite the opposite.

    3. Don't miss the chance to query ANYBODY who even MIGHT be interested in working with you. Assume they're intentions are honorable (until they ask for a certified check).

    David Silas
    Breen Straw Publishing

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    Re: scam publishing testimonial:

    Mr. Silas, the question remains: does Breen Straw Publishing charge ANY up front fees?

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    Mary M.

    For Breen Straw

    Thank you for providing the requested information and for reminding us that each of us is entitled to question, but also entitled to pursue and build a profession.

    Good luck with your company.

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    Brad M.

    David Silas

    You claim to be reputable, and I'll accept your word on that for now, but you haven't given many details at all.
    What sorts of books do you publish? Why are you soliciting on the web? How many book titles do you have in print? How many books have you published and how long have you been in business? Do you pay an advance? Royalties? What is the size of your average print run? How do you distribute your books to the market? You need to open up here, in detail, before you'll attract anything other than caution and wariness from this board.

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