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    Robin Stone


    Since you're all listed in the directory, the same as I am, you've probably all heard from someone named Lynnette Scott who is pushing a website called "UniqueCritique"...

    I thought I'd let you all know about it -- she's using Writer'sNet Member's lists and trying to persuade (unpublished) writers to send her their work for a critique... her approach is pretty much that she'll hold our lonely little hands on our lonely little journey toward the publisher's house, but for a price...

    I'd say she's just another vulture circling overhead.

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    Dave Cooper - WritersNet

    Re: """UniqueCritique"""

    Robin, Can you send us the email she sent you to info@writers.net

    Also, if anyone else gets harrassed by anyone and you think they got your email address from writers.net, please forward the email to us.

    We are getting quite good at shutting down peoples accounts with their ISP's if they spam any of you.

    I'm not talking about the mortgage spam, or the free satelite spam. We can't help you there. But if you get emails specifically writing related where you suspect they got your email address from writers.net, please let us know!

    As an aside, we have 3 devices on our web site that attempts to protect your email addresses from automated harvesters, but they won't stop people just copying addresses with a copy and paste.



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    Re: """UniqueCritique"""

    I am sorry that I have only just found this message posted in the forum, because I think that it deserves a response.
    I DO have a website for my editing business, but that is only a PART of my website. I invited you and other members to my website because I seek to aid aspiring writers, NOT take advantage of them.
    I am currently mentoring several beginning writers FOR FREE because I care about people and I am a writer myself and I have often helped writers and some of my other business colleagues with their writing and have done that for no charge for years.
    I invited you to join in my forum because I have several published authors there and also a publisher who post at my website and there is help to found there for beginning writers. There are other articles about writing and free ecards that I have designed for writers because I want to be an encouragement and a help to them.
    I have a resource page for writers-which Writer's Net is listed in, by the way because I think that it is an excellent resource, a newsletter for writers and other tools that I will be putting up, all because I want to be a service TO writers. I don't need to sponge off of or take advantage of beginning writers...far from it.
    My intention was not to spam writers in any way, but to offer a resource. If you forwarded that email to anyone, they would see that I didn't offer to relieve you of any money. I'm just putting myself out here in cyber-space so that writers can know that I am out here and that I am here to help.

    Lynette Scott

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    Ms. S.B. Owens

    Re: """UniqueCritique"""

    In reply to Robin Stone's most weak and negative personal, assination, attempt on my editor and dear friend Lynette Scott... She is an Independent Business Woman who knows how to mind her own business. And she is good at what she does. I suggest that Robin tend to his or her own business and we all will be the better off for that. The nerve of some people's children...


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    Ms. S.B. Owens

    Re: """UniqueCritique"""

    To David Cooper - Writer's Net; seems like the only way this Robin Stone can get (ahead) is by steping on other people's dreams. I believe Robin laid a big egg this time. And it's rotten!


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    Ms. S.B. Owens

    Re: """UniqueCritique"""

    To Robin: one vulture knows another. Push off!


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