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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Anthology Proposal

    By e-mail attachment to me at gkessler@editsbooks.com. The body of the e-mail should include the permissions statement "I agree to the copywright terms specified in the guidelines and grant you the rights for no more than 4 years" and a 200-word max bio for the book. These instructions are provided in the proposal posting farther up this string and in the instructions posted on the website home page.

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    Kristina Truver

    Re: Anthology Proposal

    Where True Power Hides

    Shimmering silver dancing moon.
    New talents now in beautiful bloom,
    Make us dance around the room.
    Descendents of power buried in a tomb.

    Legends left when death came to call,
    Fans far and wide even felt their fall.
    Elvis, Morrison,
    We miss them all.

    Now they watch from heavens stage,
    A whole new era of youthful rage.
    Musical anger to loves despair,
    None can compare,
    To a 60s rock festival fair.

    Do you remember Dick Clark and his talent show?
    Exposing new artists for the world to know.
    Where did those good old days disappear to and go.
    Are they gone forever in societies fast flow?

    Did they enjoy dance fever, soul train and more?
    IĎm willing to bet itĎs MTV they adore.
    Spreading musical messages during day and night hours.
    The legend spirits witnessing new musical powers,
    Via the technology of T.V. towers.
    Performers of today becoming entertainment showers.

    So thanks to those like Presley, Joplin, and Morrison of the DOORS,
    for breaking on through the flip side of restraint.
    For creating bolder colors of our musical paint.
    They were the first to make their fans faint.

    We thank you greatly and keep you alive,
    In your music weíll find that notion to strive,
    Above and beyond the limits of time.

    With the songs of the past and new ones today.
    Letís decorate our world with pure honest truth!
    Screw restrictions, and having couth.
    Isnít it time for pure honest truth?
    Letís reform the planet into a musical booth.
    Isnít it time for pure honest truth?
    Letís take over- American youth!!!!!!!

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    NEAL P.

    Re: Anthology Proposal

    The true reason for the conditions that lead to the poem above:

    The drunken political decision process

    Left wing or right?
    I am drunk don't ask me tonight.
    I go left on Mondays, or was that right?
    This is a real plight.
    Tuesdays are a real riddle.
    Wednesdays I am right in the middle.
    Thursdays are sold to the highest bidder.
    Fridays are something to consider.
    Saturdays I am out with the guys
    Sundays I take a reprise.
    Next week will be real strange,
    I am going to vote my conscience for a change.

    One month I may go right,
    The next month I am real contrite.
    Months that starts with a "J"
    Are reserved for a left wing fray.
    Even years are real complex,
    Usually ending with me perplexed.
    If you want me to vote on that
    That bribe better be real fat.
    On that subject I go left, no make that right,
    I must have gotten real drunk on that flight.
    What the heck,
    Which way was I suppose to vote for this check?

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    J. C. Nielson

    Re: Anthology Proposal

    RE: Antholgy Proposal


    Excuse the intrusion,

    I agree to the copywright terms specified in the guidelines and grant you the rights for no more than 4 years.

    I have never published, except in the third grade, a beautiful little story about how the frog got it's hop. My name is J. C. Nielson and I reside comfortably in Tempe, Az.

    This is exactly the type of opportunity that I have looked for my entire adult life. Not very hard though. The recent installment of a computer and internet service has made it muchlier easamably.

    Catch this please, I have been writing the story of J. C. at 73's life, for quite some while.

    I've even got a great title <dare I?> EXACTLY, KINDA.

    Just wanted to chime in and offer hellos to all. Planning on reading entire debate soon.

    Thank you,

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