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    Hamish (WritersNet)

    WritersNet Anthology Idea

    Discussion on Brian Wolford's idea for an anthology of writing by Writersnetters has flared and died over the weekend. (See here, here and here.) Various people have provided suggestions, words of caution etc.

    What I would like to do is bring discussion on the topic together in one place and gauge how much genuine interest there is in such a project. Please continue the discussion here while we consider what help we can offer. At very least, we could provide a forum dedicated to the project, help with coordination and promote the anthology here.

    Ok, then. Who is interested? Who can help? How long should be submissions be? Editor or editorial commitee, which should it be? What is the best way to publish such a project? We've already heard from some of you on these points... more input please.

    (N.B. We do not encourage posting to many forums at the same time. While it may mean more people see your post it tends to dilute/hamper discussion. Resorting to hackneyed but apt phraseology: if you post it , in one place, they will come.)



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    Lauren Matovina

    Re: WritersNet Anthology Idea

    Count me in.


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    Re: WritersNet Anthology Idea

    I think that for this project to be successful, we must join together, not only in answering all of the questions, but also in the content of the material that would be created, edited, published and marketed. I am thinking a theme for the anthology might be enjoyable for the reader, rather than too much variety, that we go into our files and raise from the dead. Sure, I've got some good stuff already there, a variety of it. But, it might just be better that our final product was all newly created. However, that said, it could be done the more traditional way for collections i.e. perhaps with no theme.

    To address the questions: I am interested. I can serve as one vote on some of the matters and questions. A vote for our leader would be primary to begin this process. Then, elect an editorial committee of say five or seven members. A 3-2 or 4-3 vote would carry all decisions. Submissions should be limited to say a thousand or two words, depending on what the committee decided. To pack more into what we say with fewer words would be the challenge for all of us. Submissions could be as few words as the writer wishes. As long as the theme was there, the genre could be open. Probably short stories would be the larger portion, then short, short stories, and then poetry, say 20 lines max. Articles could be a possibility. Fiction and non-fiction. The decision on how to publish could be made by the committee later.

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    Re: WritersNet Anthology Idea

    Hmmmm. Sounds interesting. I have some concerns about having to identify myself. Although I'm no RBSA, my name pops up on Google in connection with some of my published works and some writing events, and I would prefer to stay anonymous on this board.

    I'd also be interested in hearing more about the selection process.

    I'm not sure this can be done without disturbing the waters around here, and it would be a shame for the loss to be greater than the gain in the end.

    I guess I haven't made up mind my about this one yet.

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    I'm with the "K" lady

    I also have concerns about the selection process, and who would feel left out...or worse, whose unpolished work might be left in....THERE, I said it.

    I'm not sure I'd want to take part and contribute a story for the selection process unless I could see the value of the whole project.

    I guess it sounds too much, to me anyway, like the poetry anthologies that are sold to the writers so they can show their friends that they have been "published."

    If a POD or Subsidy publisher who actually has distribution points in place, manages to place these books, who buys them? Are there really people out there who want to buy and read an anthology of works written by people they never heard of?

    I'm not trying to be a wet blanket, folks...I just don't see the benefit of the anthology. It sounds like the last ditch effort of unpublished writers who just HAVE to be published, in some way or another. Like the University presses put out, publishing the works of the writers in their graduate programs. Who ever sees them?

    I am probably wrong and if so, please straighten me out. But remember, I'm a nice guy, so be kind.


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    I'm with Nate who's with me


    You said everything I was thinking but left out of my earlier post. I don't think you're wrong, and I'll stand there with you if any arrows fly.

    Unless the project had recognizable value, such as the possibility of proceeds going to a charitable cause (and that seems to be a can of worms) or worthwhile exposure for contributors (such as the anthology being judged by a well-known author), it seems like a time consuming and complicated way of entertaining ourselves.

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    Re: Nate

    You've brought up some valid points, Nate. For my part, I'm not going to get involved in this because I just don't have the time. As for marketing, that will be mainly the job of the authors regardless of where it is published. This will include sending proofs/galleys to reviewers/newspapers before and books after it's published as well as extensive web marketing and even a few book signings at various places around the country with different involved authors. Authors are more than writers. Once a book is in the offing, they must become marketers as well. Someone should build a website specifically for the book so that can be web marketed.

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    The "other side"

    I'd really like to hear from the folks who know what the other side of the coin is here. The two "K"'s brought up both profit distribution (to the authors or charity) and marketing...

    First, of course, there would have to actually BE profits, which I think the two K's and I are doubting at this point. After each author presses his family into buying copies and all his friends begin hanging up when he calls, well....where are the sales coming from? (& profits?)

    That's where marketing comes in, which as Kaz said, is up to the author. If I ever have a novel published in the traditional manner, the thing I will NOT be looking forward to is the marketing aspect. And that would be for my own book.

    Unless someone convinces me otherwise, or at least posts the other side of this big ol' coin, I think it could be a nice little hobby for the writer-wannabees who want to see their name in a book other than one put out by Ma Bell. But I honestly don't see this as a credible effort toward gaining either recognition or profit, speaking as a fellow writer-wannabee.

    I really wish that one of the folks who sees the good side of this would speak up and present whatever it is that I am possibly missing.


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    Re: The "other side"

    Although I've been following these posts for months and posted a few times, the idea of authors publishing authors intrigues me enough to post again. But I'm concerned that publication in such an anthology wouldn't hold any sway with a potential agent if it was the only credit listed on the author's bio. Any ideas on that? Also, on another matter that seems to be a sticking point, I think the authors who are sharing the costs should also share in the profit(if any). What aspiring writer couldln't use a few extra dollars to help with postage, paper, and ink cartridges? My opinion is to go for it if all the kinks can be worked out. I would also feel in good hands with Gary at the helm. Hope to be able to contribute (and be accepted?) if it gets up and running.

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    Bryan Wolford

    Re: The "other side"

    Well I am just trying to get some people together to publish something. There is no real place anymore for us writers (especially writers in the horror/suspense genre like myself) to go to publish short stories anymore. Back in the day (before I was born trust me) there were magazines that printed such material but now we have no where to really go. Sure we can get it in a Zine on the web but is that really something of any standing? Anybody with a modem can publish a Zine. Sure we may not make a bunch of money off of it but we can say that we at least put something out into the world for others to enjoy. Those of us who are truely writers know that we do not write to make money but because we love writing. I can't tell you how great it feels when someone reads something I have wrote and gets scared in the parts of the story that I intended to be scary. All that we really want to do is put something out. It doesn't have to hit the best sellers list. Maybe someone will just stumble across it and enjoy the stories that we have put together. That in itself is it's own profit. Now that I got all that sentimental crap out of the way here goes:

    Anyone still interested send me an email. I have gotten some and I apologize for not getting back to you as I had to work like a mother this weekend. I'm still all about this. We just need to all get together and discuss what we all want out of this and how we need to go about it. Hamish: if WritersNet would help us out in any way shape or form that would be great. I'm also going to see about getting some people outside of Writersnet involved. Maybe through this they will join Writersnet and we can still consider it a writersnet project. But it will be labeled as such and maybe that in itself is a marketable angle. The fact that if this book comes to fruition and it was all done on the internet without any of us ever meeting face to face then that my friends is something amazing. But that site that I told everyone to join is my Yahoo Club and it has a chat room and stuff and I hope to hold some chats in the near future on this subject. In case you need the address again it is http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/projectnorman
    I hope to talk to all of you soon. Email me and we'll get this puppy rollin'.


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