I have written a manuscript, As Lucky As They Come, which tells my personal story of living with cancer over a two year period. It is an emotional, but uplifting, tale of the struggles of a 33 year old woman whose cancer comes back after it had been in remission for seven years.

This story conveys the emotional turmoil a person experiences when diagnosed with cancer and undergoing its treatment. It has two primary audiences: cancer victims and their friends, neighbors, and family members.

To individuals diagnosed with cancer, it conveys the message that they are not alone. It reaffirms their right to cry, to blame God, and to feel forgotten. It also reassures that they are not alone, that others have gone before them and have made it. It gives hope, despite all the ugliness.

To the friends, neighbors, and family members of cancer victims, this story provides insight into what their loved ones are experiencing, both clinically and emotionally. Although most cancer victims can easily discuss in clinical terms what they are undergoing, it is extremely difficult for them to talk about, even with those closest to them, the emotional rollercoaster which emerges as they are faced with this life-altering disease. It is important that this group understand the emotional turmoil, so they can provide the support that is so vital to help the cancer victims through their struggles. It also gives an explanation in simple terms of what the patient is undergoing physically, so this audience can better understand the different treatment procedures.

Although this is not a technical journal, this story could also be beneficial to those in the medical profession to give them a better insight into the emotional condition of their cancer patients.

I am seeking a publisher. Any assistance anyone can lend would be appreciated.


Bonnie McCoy - blmccoy@yahoo.com