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    Donna Dreyer

    Finding an Agent

    Hi All;

    I am a new at all of this writing, I have been working on a book for almost a year now and finally finished it. I have been searching agencies and thought I had found a good one, but come to find out it was probaly a scam. I read about it here on WritersNet and found they are on the Writer beware page. Can anyone direct me on finding a new agency.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Finding an Agent

    There are articles linked from the "Agent" page on this Web site that address that question. Also on my completely free-use/no advertising Web site <http://www.publishingquestions.com> in both the introductory chapter and the chapter on submissions to agents, you will find a detailed formula for finding a "best fit" legitimate agent.

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    Re: Finding an Agent

    A good on-line source for agent stuff and query writing is <http://www.agentquery.com>.

    Post your query letter here if you want an impartial critique.

    Good luck.

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    Cindy Kay

    Re: Finding an Agent

    Look in the acknowledgment of pages of recent books you love and are in your genre.

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