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    Matthew Battles

    Are there specific agents for

    vampire books? I know it's such a popular genre, i was wondering if there are agents who work specifically for vampire-based books? THIS BOOK ISNT A TWILIGHT RE-WRITE by the way lol

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Are there specific agents for

    Go to the usual annual guides on agents--Writers Market or Jeff Herman's Insiders Guide, both available in big box bookstores, or the Literary Marketplace, available in most library reference sections in the United States. They are indexed by genre.

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    Cathy C

    Re: Are there specific agents for

    "Vampire books" fall into several different shelving classifications, Matthew. What age group? Is there a mystery that's solved? Is there a romance between the hero/ine and someone? It's the shelf genre that will determine the appropriate agent. Young Adult (like Twilight vampires) agents don't always handle dark fantasy (Laurell Hamilton vampires), nor paranormal romance (Christine Feehan vampires).

    Who will the READER be?

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Are there specific agents for

    All of that can be found in the sources I cited too.

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